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Taraba APC Sets Up 16 Committees to Take Over Taraba

Sixteen different committees have been raised as the All Progressive Congress (APC) begins its offensive moves to take out the ruling PDP in Taraba state. A source told Our  REPORTER that taking out the ruling party in the state may not be very difficult, pointing out to factors such as the governor’s popularity.
The source said the APC is not leaving anything to chance. As such the party has formed many committees to help in strategizing. One major committee is that of the media and publicity-charged with propaganda against the government of Arch Darius Dickson Ishaku. Apart from whipping bad press against the governor, APC seeks to show it has a better alternative to the programs of the PDP.
Other committees would handle the political class and work towards high-profile defections in the coming months. Already APC has a former minister, Sen Joel Ikenya and David Sabo Kente in their bag. They are angling for more.
Plans are afoot to also step up the media offensive against the PDP in the state by showcasing it as a failing one.

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