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6 Qualities That Make Gov. Darius Ishaku Stand Out. 2 Will Shock You.

1.) He is educated and enlightened.

Gov. Darius Ishaku has a Ph.D(In View) and two Master’s degrees.

2.) He is resilient and tenacious.
Despite persecutions from opponents, he has remained resilient.

He was taken to court six times; three by Senator Aisha and three by DSK, yet he was able to accomplish the following programs and projects:

a.) He made Highland Tea one of the best in the world.

b.)Dry season farming like KLD in Gassol LGA.

c.)Renewed effort to complete Kashimbilla Dam.

d.) Reactivation of Jalingo airport and commencement of commercial flight from Abuja to Jalingo and vice versa.

e.) Unprecedented water supply to Jalingo metropolis which will soon become operational and drilling of over 100 boreholes in several local communities.

f.)Rural electricity supply to places like Yorro, Mayo Lope, Kunini, Mararaba and others.

3.) He is Innovative.
Governance is not measured only by a provision of infrastructure to the people because such are rights of the people and not privileges, as espoused by the constitution. Therefore, Ishaku is deemed innovative by touching the lives of the people directly his people-oriented program called the Rescue Watch’. It is a participatory Governance system never experienced in the history of the State.

His administration also discovered the NGADA people and gave them hope and a future.

4. He is prudent with State resources.
No wonder, he is  wrongly touted by people to be a ‘miser’, not knowing he is only being prudent in the midst of scarce resources.

Things we need to know about Taraba State finances.

90 % of money that enters Taraba State account is from the federations account and Taraba has only received an average of 2.4 billion naira per month. Taraba State recurrent expenditure (workers salaries, including LG, Primary School Teachers is over 3 Billion naira.

Truth about Bail Out funds:
Taraba State benefitted 9.6 billion and recently 4.2 billion. The 9.6 billion was dead on arrival, the banks collected over 6 billion, the remaining 3 billion was used in settling outstanding salaries and other needs of the State. The recent 4.2 billion was used in clearing outstanding salaries last December.

The question is, what becomes of a State in crisis like this? Despite all these challenges, projects are still being executed, so there is no basis to compare Taraba and any other State for that matter.

5. He is faithful in salary payment.
Despite being the most distracted Governor, he is able to meet his salary obligations to the civil servants compared to his colleagues in other States who owe workers’ salaries.

6. He is in control
Despite the opposition, he has proven to be in control and the relative stability in security, Civil Service and understanding between the three arms of Government: Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary is a proof to that. Even though there is conflict with Labour, he was able to manage the crises well.

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