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Serious Tension in Nukai as Trailer Kills Six

No fewer than six persons lost their lives in a ghastly motor accident in Jalingo on Monday involving a trailer, a water tanker and a tricycle.

The accident which occurred in the Nukai area of Jalingo was blamed on over speeding.

A witness, Musa Bitrus, told Taravoices that the trailer which was travelling at high speed lost control and rammed into the water tanker in a failed attempt to overtake it, and veered off the road driving straight into the nearby compound where it crushed the Landlord to death.

As a result of the accident the water tanker also lost control and overran a tricycle killing its four occupants instantly.

The driver of the water truck belonging to the Federal Medical Center Jalingo was said to be in a critical condition, but the conductor lost his life instantly.

The youth, who were angered by the incident which they blamed on the bad road and lack of ‘shoulders’ on the road, then blocked the federal highway burning tires and insisting that the road would remain blocked until the government fixes the road.

When our correspondent visited the scene, the bodies and those who were injured in the accident were already evacuated to the Federal Medical Centre Jalingo, but the wreckage of the water tanker and trailer were still there, while the state Commissioner of Police Mr Yakubu Babbas was trying to pacify the mob to restore normalcy.

Babbas who said the accident was most regrettable said the most important thing at the time was to ensure that the riot does not escalate since the area was predominantly residential.

“It is very unfortunate that these people have to lose their lives in such a gruesome way. However, our primary concern now is to try and contain the protest so that it would not escalate beyond this. We would not want to have some miscreants take advantage of this to create further mayhem as this is a residential area.

“The bodies have already been evacuated to the Federal Medical Center Jalingo, but we must ensure that there is no further breakdown of law and order because some miscreants may want to take advantage of this situation to cause mayhem. We understand the anger of the mob, but they must allow the law to take its course”, Babbas said.

A similar incident occurred recently at Mile Six area of Jalingo when a fuel tanker killed four persons in a tricycle, leading a widespread protest that disrupted activities in the area for almost forty-eight hours.

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