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Ikenya, Kente Rift is an Advantage to Darius, says Political Scientists.

Governor Darius Ishaku stands a lot to gain from political rifts in southern Taraba, some political watchers are telling KWARARAFA REPORTERS. They note that Chief David Sabo Kente’s (DSK) sudden turnaround has more than cleared a visible path for Ishaku’s second term bid.

It has also neutralised any gain the opposition made in the aftermath of Senator Joel Ikenya’s equally dramatic defection to the APC.

Kente recently withdrew all case he has against Governor Ishaku at the Supreme Court in a move that shocked his base and other members of the opposition. Since his action, many critics have continued to lambast the former National Assembly Deputy Director of Finance turned politician. While some accuse him of selling out, others say it is a blunder.

But some political observers think Kente’s move was a wise one in the face of all the odds. A lecturer of political science at the Taraba State University, Jalingo, who doesn’t want his name in print told KWARARAFA REPORTERS said Kente was merely doing “realpolitik”- a concept that suggests aligning with realities rather than engaging in wishful thinking. He said, ” first, it is not clear if he would even win the case. So he must have reasoned that instead of suffering a crushing defeat at the courts, he might as well just concede now. That way he would minimise the impact of the whole crisis. He can even leverage on that to extract ┬ácommitments from Governor Ishaku.”
This may not happen soon, according to a source in government who said DSK’s action didn’t excite the regime. He said, “we are watching things. There was a time we were reaching out to him for his cooperation. If he had agreed then, we would have said OK, fine. But this one that he did what he has just done is abit strange. So we are watching him. We are even wondering why he did this.”
DSK did not keep anyone in the dark as to why he made the move. Speaking through his aide, Kelvin Nuvalga, he had gave a collections of reasons. Prominent among his reasons is the need to move on with his life and promote peace in the state. He equally stated that some charlatans were feeding fat on the case and that he wasn’t even funding it.
Whatever his reasons are, ┬áthe opposition feels this is a heavy loss to it. They have continued to post bitter comments on the social media bemoaning DSK’s action. No official comment has been heard from the Joel Ikenya’s camps, but political commentators believe this development may have checked Ikenya’s governorship ambition. How? DSK is likely to work towards scuttling any dreams of Ikenya – a sweet revenge for Ikenya’s refusal to support DSK’s governorship dreams in 2015. Ikenya, then a minister, had worked hard to defeat DSK who had ran for governor under the Social Democratic Party (SDP). Watchers say if the Darius’s administration consolidates on DSK’s action and gets him on its side, the opposition’ project in Southern zone would have been effectively checked. Also the romance between Governor Ishaku and the very active House of Representatives member, Danji, is said to be another consolidating factor as the transition years beckon.

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