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Chief Sabo Kente Disassociates Self from Baseless Speculations.

Chief David Sabo Kente has cleared the air of speculations arising from his sudden withdrawal of the case against Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba State.

Speaking to journalists, one of Chief’s aide, Mr. Kelvin Nuvalga stated that, speculations claiming that Chief Sabo Kente had been paid off by Governor Ishaku and also promised a senatorial slot in 2019  are not only mischievous but misleading.

He said, “Chief David Sabo Kente withdrew his case for the interest of the progress of the State. You would recall that he went to court in the first place because he felt disenfranchised. He felt robbed by the PDP. And you know Chief doesn’t like injustice so he approached the court to protect his rights.

“He also went to court because many were saying he got paid off by Gen. TY Danjuma, so to prove this as a lie, he went to court. But now he is withdrawing the case because many are feeding fat on it to the detriment of the State.

“What’s more, Chief Sabo Kente has decided it is about time we allowed the State to move forward. The accusations that he doesn’t want to belong to the same party as Senator Joel Ikenya is senseless. Chief Kente and Ikenya have always been in the same party, the PDP in the past. He sees Ikenya as his brother.

He further stressed that, Chief David Sabo kente, did not withdraw the case from the Supreme Court because he wanted to join the people’s  Democratic Party (PDP), nor is he seeking for anyone’s sympathy, but to promote the spirit of brotherhood, unity and development of the State.

He added that, Chief David Sabo Kente did  not receive a dime nor was he promised any political appointment from any political party and he does not intend to receive any.

He also emphasised that, those who are speculating falsehood to gain cheap popularity by misinforming others that, Chief Sabo Kente withdrew the case because he does not want to be in same political party with Sen. Joel Ikenya,  are agents of falsehood who are bent on disseminating baseless information from their imaginations as he warned the general public to be guided.

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