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Press Release: National Youth Council of Nigeria Taraba State Chapter

It has come to the notice of the National Youth Council of Nigeria Taraba State Chapter that a group known as “Taraba Youth Concern” has passed a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku as a result of non-payment of teachers, local government workers salaries and pension for retirees.

Suffice it to say that these set of youths are not in tune with the happenings in our dear state Taraba and Nigeria at large that is grappling with recession.

In line with the above, the Council in the state has distanced itself from the malicious and baseless stance of these youths, despite the frantic efforts of the state government on prompt payments of workers salaries in the state.

The National Youth Council Nigeria which is the apex body and authoritative Voice of youths in the state promised youths that we shall speak when the rights of youths are being infringed, undermined or trampled upon.

We also state that, if other youth platforms, want to criticise, it must be constructive criticism based on the issues that would liberate youths out of the clutches of poverty than seeking demeaning ways that are against modern standards.

Tarabans are aware that recently the Special Adviser to the Governor on public affairs Emmanuel Bello, introduced a program, Face to Face with the Press, where the Permanent Secretary, Bureau for Local government and chieftaincy affairs, Bello Yero, stated categorically that the problem of non payment of some local government staff salaries is owing to invalid Bank verification number BVN. which they are making frantic efforts to address, same applies to teachers and pensioners.

The Council, is in full support of the biometric exercise that took place in the state as it has in no little way instilled discipline and integrity to governance at all levels in the state as against those days where a Cashier or an accountant fuse ghost names on payment vouchers for their selfish gains.

The Leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria Taraba State chapter  is calling on all youths in the state to be calm as the House of Assembly has given the Governor the permission to expend money from the Paris club remittance of over four billion naira for capital projects and payment of local government workers, teachers and pensioners.

Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku, remain among governors in Nigeria that is doing the talking, hence the need for our collective resolve to support him as vibrant youths of the state.

Furthermore, Taraba Youths Concern or Concern Taraba youths! Check your name. There is no time for frivolities, Taraba state is our great state, and we as a people must agitate and protect the interest of youths of the state.


Comrade  Udi N.  Adamu
State Chairman
National Youth Council of Nigeria Taraba State chapter.

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