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Breaking News: Youth On Rampage In Mile Six Over Fatal Accident

By Nick Dugba,

The famous Mile Six Junction, along the Jalingo- Numan highway is presently under siege by aggrieved youths protesting the death, yesterday, of four persons, after a fatal accident involving a petrol tanker and a tricycle.

Witnesses say, as at 5 PM, Monday, a commercial tricycle, popularly known as ‘Keke NAPEP’, was trying to cross the highway, when the tanker collided with the tricycle, thereby leading to the instant death of the passengers.

Reports gathered by this reporter, who was on the spot, has it that the protesting youths were protesting the death of the passengers by burning tyres and blocking the highway. No vehicle was, however, allowed in and out of Jalingo metropolis.

As at morning on Tuesday, the youths were seen digging holes on the highway, aimed at creating speed bumps and slowing down traffic.

Also, security agents were seen trying to maintain order while the Commissioner of Works, Taraba state, Tafarki Agbadu, was making frantic efforts, alongside the Taraba State Roads Construction and Maintenance Agency, TARCMA, to appease the youths by constructing speed bumps.

Speaking to journalists at the scene of the accident, the rampaging youths insist they would not disperse if the speed bumps were not erected.

Meanwhile, as at the time of writing this report, TARCMA had arrived the scene and work on the construction was about to begin.

The Mile Six junction in Jalingo is a big junction that connects the city center at the outskirts of the city. It is also a big transit road to Yola and Numan and experiences a lot of vehicular traffic, particularly long distance travelers. Unfortunately, despite its status, there is no traffic regulation or speed bumps at the junction- a situation that has resulted to several loss of lives and car crashes.

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