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Why You Need to Stay Far Away From ‘Natural’ Supplements….


  1. Why you need to stay far, far away from ‘natural’ supplements:
  2. Heinz hides GMO corn in ‘all natural’ vinegar, lawsuit alleges.
  3. If you have anxiety or depression, try these exercises.
  4. How to live longer – by detonating your love handles.
  5. 4 reasons you keep waking up at night:
  6. The thing that will help your lungs stop burning on runs:
  7. Chemo brain’ lasts for months in many breast cancer survivors:
  8. ADHD: A false paradigm projected onto the minds of parents and children
  9. A 39-year-old Nigerian lady,  announced as Britain’s favourite pharmacist.
  10. These sweet potato pancakes only call for TWO ingredients!
  11. The risks of multiple pregnancy
  12. Treatments that seal a child’s back teeth can prevent most cavities
  13. How to prevent cardiovascular diseases


  1. Kidnap: Parents withdraw wards from Turkish school
  2. Re: Two schools where pupils, affluence and poverty share a fence
  3. 3 principles that you can adopt for the classroom:
  4. New York may become the next state to offer tuition-free college.
  5. 450 orphans, less privileged get free educational materials.


  1. 12 die in Oyo-Ogbomoso auto crash as bus plunges into river
  2. Borno bans sales of charcoal, firewood on streets
  3. Army kills 13 Boko Haram suspects in clearance operations
  4. Fans react to Tonto Dikeh’s alleged marriage crisis as actress apologises
  5. Kogi youths celebrate return of MMM
  6. Charcoal business booms as kerosene, cooking gas price hike lingers
  7. Boko Haram attacks military base, army court-martials soldiers
  8. SEC issues fresh warning over MMM
  9. Church only accountable to God, not government — Wale Oke
  10. Meet winners competing to recite the Qur’an the best in Bauchi.
  11. Sambisa takeover makes Armed Forces Day special
  12. Peace Corps to recruit 2,000 in Lagos


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