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Victims of Jalingo Fire Incidence Count Losses, Appeal for Help.

Victims of the fire incidence which involved several shops, a clinic and offices in the Magami area of Jalingo last night, have been counting their losses even as they called on the State Government to come to their aid.

The fire outbreak which started around 6:30 PM at Magami junction, along Hamaruwa way in the city center destroyed most of the wares in stock, leaving the owners completely devastated.

Some of the victims told Taravoices at the scene of the incident this morning, that the fire did not only take down the wares, but also burnt to ashes the means of livelihood of most of the families involved.

Mrs. Faustina Nwakama, MD of Emmet Ladies Wears that was razed to ashes told Taravoices that, she still could not come to terms with the fact that her life efforts and struggles are all taken away by fire.

“I can’t believe this is not a dream because all my life struggle is gone. If the Governor does not come to our rescue, then we are finished”, Nwakama lamented as she manage to hold back her tears.

Another victim, Aliyu Yahuza of Amira Technology Ltd said he watched helplessly as his means of livelihood was turned to ashes and could not help but wonder how to begin life all over again. “This is not easy. Unless there is some assistance somewhere, I can’t imagine how I am going to start all over again from the scratch”, he said.

The owner of the building housing the shops Alhaji Musa Babalau blamed the State fire service for the damage done to the place.

According to him the fire service were contacted immediately the fire started, but they did not respond saying they had no Diesel until the place was completely razed down before they came in two hours after they were contacted.

Another victim Josephine Okonkwo said  the attitude of the fire service men who usually don’t fail in collection of fire service charges was “most appalling as they were behaving as if they did not realize this was our lives at stake”.

While no life was lost in the inferno, property worth millions were destroyed as most of the people said they had just stocked their shops after Christmas sales to start the new year, and now had nothing to fall back to.

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