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Dangers Of Cooking With Gas Stove…

*Do you use Gas for cooking? Please read this and take note. Let this not happen to you… This could be a common mistake in any household. How it happened:The

Gsa  StoveThe gas stove was on and cooking in progress. The lady observed some cockroaches near the sink and grabbed a can of insect killer and sprayed it near the gas stove, which was on.

There was an explosion and in no time the poor woman was covered in flames, sustaining 65% burns. Her husband rushed in, tried to put out the flames and his clothes too caught fire. The husband is still in

Her husband rushed in, tried to put out the flames and his clothes too caught fire. The husband is still in hospital, in the burns ward, still unaware that his wife was declared dead on arrival.

Let us understand: – All insect killer sprays such as “Hit”, “Mortein”, “Heaven”, “Raid”, etc. have highly volatile and inflammable solvents. The atomized  spray particles spread very rapidly and one spark is enough to ignite this explosive mixture with oxygen present in air.

10 Ways To Minimize Your Risk of Gas Stove Dangers

  1. Always turn on the fan when you cook. Keep it on the highest setting.

  2. Cook on your back burners. Cooking directly under your range hood is ideal.

  3. If your fan vents back into the house rather than to the outside, open a window.

  4. Cook with a blue gas flame. If you see an orange flame, it means you need to have your stove adjusted.

  5. Have a qualified contractor inspect your gas range. Keep it maintained.

  6. For those renovating their homes, a conduction cooktop is an improvement. It uses magnetic . Thus, you will not have noxious combustion by-products. However, you will still have some pollution from heating food and cooking oil, as in all types of stoves.

  7. Do not use your gas range to heat your home.

  8. Do not line the inside of the oven with aluminum foil.

  9. Make sure your gas appliance is design certified. Check that it’s installed to code.

  10. Neve use any inflammable substance around your Gas stove.

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