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Insurgency: Negligence Could Lead To Disaster Says Soldier

Ado Bala, Soldier, Nigerian Army, Maiduguri said:
“…I was in the company of Col E. Odeh, Major Y M. Isa, Brig. A. Adegoke.

While at a junction near an area called Gonge 1, in Maiduguri town, a girl of about 8 yrs old came towards us with a rubber bucket (a 5 liter container size), with pure water (sachet water) on the surface, while under the water sachet the container was filled up with 2 kg of Semtex improvised explosive.

She moved near me & I said to her in Hausa: “Ke ina zuwa? Ai babu hanya!” (“Hey girl where are you going there’s no road”)

The young girl replied in Hausa: “Wancan ne ya ce in kawo muku” (“that man said I should bring you this”)

I said, “Drop it on that sand!” Luckily the girl dropped it & i was about 12 meters away from her.

I noticed the young man she was pointing at and i hurriedly ordered for his arrest while he was trying to dodge.

I shouted to my colleagues to pan out & I took the little girl away quickly for safety.

Luckily, the device didn’t explode and the Bokoboy is now in custody.

Imagine! The man just met the little girl on the street, she was sent by her mother to go & buy foodstuff at a nearby shop.

I asked the mother not to send her out again, the mother started crying and told us that the girl just returned from an Arabic primary school near by.

Let’s us all be very vigilante.


(Copied from the Wall of Ahmed Mamudu)

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