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Gov. Ishaku’s 2016 Exploits

By, Nick Dugba

Upon assuming the saddle of leadership, Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku, met almost a brick wall that almost stalled his genuine intention for the state. The brick wall was indeed the debilitating economic recession caused as a result of the dwindling income from oil. As a matter of fact, the governor could have given up hope, but for his campaign manifesto which he had for the state, aptly demonstrated in his Rescue Agenda.

To have withered the storm and still standing is what made Gov. Ishaku an enigma and a colossus worth celebrating in the new year. But how did he make it? That is the standpoint of this analysis.

On climbing the saddle, the Rescue Ambassador launched a policy direction, called the ‘Rescue Watch’. Experts have said the policy is indeed one of the finest in the country. It is a grassroots-focused policy which adopts the classical bottom-top approach to development.

Next in line was the unprecedented water project in the city of Jalingo. It has never happened in the annals of history of this young state. Even though critics have criticized the Darius Ishaku administration for deliberately taking the credit for the project, insisting it was a World Bank project, but  Ishaku was the only governor, after about three regimes, to bring it to reality. Despite,  lean resources, he was able to mobilize funds to meet the need of Jalingo residents. Today the story is different and even the opposition has remained mute since then.

The Rescue Watch has produced results at the grassroots which space cannot allow. However, there has been skills acquisition for the rural dwellers and a determined effort to change the attitude of Tarabans towards critical government infrastructure and service delivery.

Taraba Water Supply AgencyThe Rescue Ambassador has of recent embarked on a trip to Kenya towards attracting investors and building capacity for Tarabans in the area of agriculture, tourism and power. The trip has yielded much fruit and it is expected that in the new year, the dividends would begin to manifest.

In the new year, Tarabans would experience democracy in action with the conduct of the Local Government elections in February. This is after more than four years of conduct of LG elections. This has indeed demonstrated that Ishaku is a democrat to the core.

Need I say more? Space and time would not permit me to state all the achievements of this enigma.

However, for more information on the modest achievements of Governor Darius Ishaku, you can go to Taraba state government website

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