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2017: Barr. Anna Ishaku Welcomes Two Sets of Twins

By Victoria Danbaba,

As New Year revelers said,  good riddance to 2016 and commenced celebrations,  the first baby of 2017 who happened to be twins were born five minutes after midnight to Miss Edna Husseini. The boys weighed 2.5 and, 2.2 kg. One could say these babies just couldn’t wait to be born on New Year’s Day.

While welcoming the babies at the Christian Reformed Church in Nigeria, CRCN, Health Center, Takum, Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku who lavished them with material gifts and the sum of N150,000, expressed gratitude to God for the miracle of safe delivery and prayed God to provide the means to cater for them.

Coming in a close second as baby of the year was another set of twins born at 3:00am to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Kirimam Iranyang at the Rapha Hospital Takum. The girls both weighed 3.5kg as if choosing to be born on the first day of the year to put smiles on their parents faces as they were presented with gifts and the sum of N100,000 from the first lady.

Still in high spirit, the Governor’s Wife greeted the birth of another baby born at 5:00pm at the Takum General Hospital to the family of Mr and Mrs. Nicodemus Rimamsikwe who also received gifts and the sum of N50,000 from the Governor’s Wife.

All the beneficiaries expressed gratitude to the First Lady and prayed for a successful completion of two tenures so that others can benefit from the gesture. Staff and medical officers also applauded the Governor’s Wife for taking remarkable and commendable steps to make the lives of the Taraba people better.

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