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Taraba Peace Concert: How It Went Down!

 By Nick Dugba

Contrary to widely held perception of Jalingo residents before the concert proper, the Taraba Peace concert was not a total failure after all. But for some management lapses identified, general organization and the demise of one of the concert organizers, Big Shark, who died before the event, the concert was fairly successful in terms of fan enthusiasm, the general frenzy, security, performances and even turn out.

On Thursday, a dinner was hosted by Prolific Entertainment and graced by His Excellency, Governor Darius Ishaku. But it was learnt that the governor was not happy with the turn out during the occasion. The organizers however, set the process in motion for the concert proper which was billed for the next day being Saturday,17th December, 2016, at the Jolly Name Stadium main bowl.

With the poor turn out during the dinner, there was apprehension on what could be the fate of the concert proper, slated for the next day.

Having that in mind, the organizers, Prolific Entertainment and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, synergized with the ICT Team of Hope Afresh Foundation in order to ensure that Tarabans were mobilized adequately on the need to attend the concert.

The ICT team and the other stakeholders tried their best and what resulted at the Jolly Nyame Stadium on that day was the fruit of their labor.

By 4 pm on that day, fans were trickling into the stadium amid tight security and nobody paid a dime to access the venue.

Young men and women in casuals began to throng the venue with expectations of a thrill from the naija artistes that were slated to perform on that day.

Also, traditional dancers from Jukun, Mumuye, Mambilla, the kalangu musicians and the State cultural troupe did a captivating display to serve as dessert for the main course.

Taravoices however, cornered the Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, Atesuma James Gani, to comment on the concept of the event and his rating of the event and this was what he said: “the whole thing is all about promoting the peace which we have already achieved in the state. We know what it took us to be where we are now and there is every need for us to sustain this peace”.

On the turn out, he said, “the turn out was impressive, being the first time a program like this will be initiated by an NGO. You wouldn’t expect an NGO like this to mobilize people as if it is the state government that has done it”.

The Commissioner then promised that the event would be sustained in order to continue to build on the peace that has already been achieved.

“Even if it cannot be continued by the NGO, other groups would come as well to continue to promote the Peace. Its like a team work; they might want to continue. Just like they have built on the peace that has been achieved by the state government. So it is a sustainable  program and a team work”, he stressed.

Kiss Daniel Stole the Show…

The show proper began a little into the night with local artistes thrilling the crowd with teasers. At that time it seemed the city of Jalingo was becoming aware of the happening. Before long the stadium car lot was jam packed with cars and the security personnel were battling to control the fans at the entrance.

After several teasers, Jesse Jagz, the Taraba born Lagos based rap star, climbed the stage and performed “Pussie Cat”. The fans danced to his hit songs and were mesmerized because he attempted to demonstrate his ancestry even while performing.

Next on line was The Taraba Peace ambassador and the “Zaman Lafiya” crooner, Charlee Nathan, who exploded the scene with his hit song, ‘Bani Wuri, na shiga gari’.

Along the line, the organizers took the fans way back memory lane when the twin brothers and the reknown galala dance artistes, Mad Melon and Mountain Black commonly known as “Danfo drivers” came on stage. They sang those old songs such as ‘Danfo driver’, ‘Sensimilia Jah knows’ and others. The fans could not help miming those songs along with them. The security guards and bouncers had a hectic time controlling the crowd who wanted to have a feel of the artistes by touching them.

When the star artiste, Kiss Daniel, climbed the stage, it was something else. The young handsome international act, breezed onto the stage with his hit song, ‘Mama’. The fans swung into the show singing along with him and it seemed he was amazed by the sheer mastery of his songs by Jalingo fans. After several performances that attracted fans sitting on the stands to the stage, Kiss Daniel paused and admitted that in all his shows, ladies were in the majority but he could see that guys were in the majority in that show, to which he commended them

Highlight of the Show

At the risk of contradiction, the highlight of the show could have been the one minute silent observed in honour of one of the organizers of the event, Big Shark, who passed away days before the event, May his Soul Rest in Peace!

Other side attractions however, include presentation of prizes to deserving fans by MTN Nigeria and riddles and jokes as well. Also, the Commissioner of Culture and Tourism and his Youth and Sports counterpart, were there to encourage the youths.

 The downside!

One of the missing links in this event that could have attracted more fans if it was in place, was the hospitality managers. Events like this ought to have reputable hospitality managers like big eateries, (Mr Biggs) for instance, mobile bars and soft drink merchants, around. Subsidiary services like these could have helped in attracting the youth and even the most naive of persons around the city, to the scene. Fans had to go all out to the main road for drinks, which of course wasn’t convenient anyway. Perhaps that can be considered during subsequent events.

Fans responses

Freida, a student of Taraba state University said, “we enjoyed the show because of Kiss Daniel. A big thank you to our governor, Darius Ishaku. We appreciate!”.

Elliot T Bliz, a computer technician said, “ I really enjoyed the show. Governor Ishaku,with due respect is a daddy to me. He wants to encourage the youth, the upcoming artistes. I am proud of him for organizing a big show”.

According to Hassan Franco, TSU’s best rapper, “the show was so fabulous. I enjoyed what I saw, especially when I saw Jesse Jagz. Kiss Daniel killed it! I am proud of Darius Ishaku, more grease to your elbows. I know he has a dream and I pray his dream comes true, we want more of this. We expect to see JZ, Kendrick Lamar. We pray for him to be governor again in 2019”.

Also, Agatha, a fan of Kiss Daniel, summed it all this way: “I enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed the performance of Kiss Daniel and the rest. They should just keep it up. We Tarabans enjoyed it”.

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