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“Pride of Taraba” Debuts in Town.

By, Nick Dugba

A book titled “Pride of Taraba in Honour of Taraba State @ 25″, written by Franklyn Felixson, was launched Sunday, at the Taraba Motel Banquet Hall, Jalingo.

The book was written by the author in honor of Taraba at 25 and captures the history of the State since creation in 1991 in a unique form.

It contains human and material potentials as well as motivational messages to youths by the author taken from his experience as a youth promoter in the State.

The Book Reviewer, Dr Chris Amuche of the Taraba State University, after elucidating on the rich contents of the book, recommended the book to the NYSC, saying it should be made compulsory for serving corpers in the State to serve as a guide to them.

He also recommended the book to tertiary institutions and the government archive for reference purposes.

The Guest Speaker at the occasion, Barr. Emmanuel Gowon, stated that the book was handy in equipping Tarabans of information about the State.

He added that the history of the State exist in scattered sources but that the book brought all the events about the State in one single piece.

He therefore advised Tarabans to endeavor to leave a legacy as the founding fathers of the State.

Gowon, who is the State Commissioner for Water Resources, however regretted the perceived obscurity of Taraba in the eyes of other Nigerians, noting that the reason for that was because there was nothing to project the State to the outside world.

The launching was witnessed by one of the founding fathers of Taraba state from the old Gongola state and Chaired by President of the Trade Union Congress, Bobboi Kaigama.

Represented by Jovita Shafe of The Taraba Television Corporation, Kaigama commended the author of the book for a job well done and advised the youth not to allow anybody to stand on their way to achieving their goal in life.


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