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Taraba Celebrates World Television Day with Digitization of Taraba TV

By Saji Peters

Yesterday, the 21st  of November 2016 was celebrated as World Television day. The first television forum was staged by the United Nations in the mid 90s and it was out of this event that world television day was born.

The forum brought together leading figures from the media industry to analyze the growing impact that TV had on decision making and public opinion when it comes to issues of peace and security around the planet.

In December 1976,the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the twenty first of November as World television day,the same year the first world television forum was held.

television-dayAccording to the United Nations, this decision was taken in order to give recognition to the increasing impact television has had on decision making by bringing Various conflicts and threats to peace and security in the world as well as its coverage of other major issues including economic and social.

Television has long been thought to represent communication and globalization in the contemporary world. However, not everybody has that thought as it is often seen as a medium for the rich because it is not everybody that can afford it, particularly rural dwellers.

Television day is a time to re-watch and review some of the greatest moments of the television that brings the reality of a rapid technological advancing world into people’s home, forever changing their lives.

As the World celebrates television day, Tarabans can heave a sigh of relieve as the state own television, TTV has been digitized, through the efforts of the state Governor, Darius Dickson Ishaku. This is even coming ahead of the digitization dateline.

Before now, most of the equipment of the Corporation were outdated and obsolete, and at the brink of being discarded but for the timely intervention of the rescue mission of the Governor, which was extended to the Corporation

Successive governments in the past have made efforts to uplift the standard of the station but normally ends up in futility. Kudos must therefore be given to the present state leadership under Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku.

The digitization of Taraba Television Corporation, Jalingo has placed it in the map of digital broadcast industry, which would help to project Government’s laudable programmes and policies to the outside word.

From all indications, Taraba State Television is among the few state Television stations in the country that can boast of a digital studio and equipment, with staff on ground, manning various equipment after receiving training from the contractors handling the digitization project.

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