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Barr. Anna Ishaku Attends The Wedding Of The SSG’s Daughter

The Wife of the Executive Governor of Taraba state, Barr. Anna Ishaku was present at the Wedding Ceremony of Mr Ande Lawrence and Miss Margaret Jellason (Daughter of the Secretary to the State Government, Taraba State), today 19th November 2016.

dsc_0150Her Excellency impacted words to the newlyweds to see their union as a Journey of patience as Marriage is not a Bed of Roses, stressing that  God should be in the middle of all their affairs.

The event which held at the International Praise Church, Donga Road Jalingo, witnessed the attendance of Taraba Dignitaries as Hon. Veronica Alhassan – Special Adviser to the Executive Governor Taraba, former Governor of Taraba state – Rev. Jolly T. Nyame and his wife and a host of other notable guests.

Pastor Christy Ngasony delivered the message to the Bride and Groom on Self Control. She admonished the soon to be the couple to grasp the virtue of self-control as it pertains to how a husband and wife will live in peace.

The Pastor expressed to the Bride and Groom on the need to know the difference between reacting and responding to situations as it will undoubtedly affect their lives together.

dsc_0131Furthermore, the Minister of God laid emphasis on the Bible scriptures of Proverbs 25 verse 8 and James 1 verse 20 to buttress the theme “Self Control builds a wall around you”. The wall will ward off the little issues not meant for a family home, she added.

Her final words to the soon to be the couple was to learn how to apply control to their temper, appetite for food, sex life, materialism, the human tongue and thoughts.

The reception of the occasion followed swiftly at the Jolly Nyame stadium, Taraba state.  

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