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Taraba’s Emmanuel Bello Emerges Editor-in-chief

By Munu Mairiga

The senior special assistant to Taraba State Governor on Public Affairs, Hon. Emmanuel Bello emerges as the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of the Nigeria LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER.

emmanuel-bello1Bello has been in the leadership newspaper circle for quite sometime. He once edited the Sunday title there shortly before Gov Suntai singled him out to be appointed as his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity. Of course we believe in Hon. Bello’s capability whose competency and dedicated mind can lead him to the apex of Glory.

The Taraba born 45 year old journalists and author is not a junior staff when it comes to State, National and even International news or public affairs but always a tycoon when it comes to such businesses and very dedicated.

Apart from that paper, Bello has worked with various newspapers like the Sun, THISDAY and Daily Trust. His life oscillates between the newsroom and Government House it appears.

Even those with hearing difficulties probably hear him and give him attention. His handwriting very neat and communicating languages and sentences well colored, punctuation adequately cited and well modest.

For long we have been hearing the gentle Bello speaking on Radio and television, his voice is very clear and his portrait sighted in different media houses and newspaper pages attracting national thumbs up. He speaks more than one language to make listeners understand clearly. With this, he achieves any chance he gets and keep Nigerians in tune with the world’s happening.

At this juncture, we know Mr. Bello as a man of nobility for such responsibility and congratulate the gentleman with a reputable score card in his call for service as the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF in Nigerian LEADERSHIP NEWS PAPER and wish him God’s guidance in his numerous commitment.

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