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Tarabans To Take ‘Ownership’ Of Government Facilities In Their Communities

By Nick Dugba.

Hon. Rebo Usman
Hon. Rebo Usman

Tarabans would now take responsibility for government facilities in their communities in collaboration with the Rescue Watch, a policy initiated by the Darius Dickson Ishaku administration.

This was revealed by the Chief of Staff, Government House Administration, Rebo Usman, in an exclusive interview with TaraVoices recently.

According to Usman, the government has sensitized the people on the need to take ownership of public facilities in their domain to protect those facilities and ensure that workers posted to man those facilities, carry out their duties diligently.

He said the strategy was to be handled by the grassroots matters team who would interface with the communities.

Hon. Rebo said, “we are educating them on how to form committees that would take care of boreholes in their communities. By so doing we would be supplementing the work of Ministry of Water Resources. They have now been sensitized to own these boreholes. It is not government boreholes; it is our boreholes”.

He disclosed that the governor would personally monitor the implementation of the new policy by attending the various town hall meetings in the electoral wards as well as monitor those meetings on audio and video formats to follow happenings in those meetings, saying such a move will bring the governor closer to the people.

He also assured that he would personally attend the town hall meetings in several places across the state on a monthly basis.

He was optimistic about the success of the strategy and said that the reason why people were skeptical about the policy was that it was new.

“ People who don’t understand it, we won’t blame them because it is a new thing and they have not started seeing. We are encouraged because we know by so doing, we would be getting closer to the people”.

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