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Improve on the Sanitary Condition of Taraba Gym.

By Saji Peters.

Dr Danga
Dr Dinga

A Medical Doctor with the government house clinic, Danga Injuwe has called on the management of the Taraba gym to improve the sanitary condition of the center.

He made this known in an interview with our correspondent in Jalingo.

Dr. Danga Injuwe, stated that health is wealth and taking proactive measures on health discuss is very apt.

He opined that bushes had surrounded the exterior of the stadium thereby making it a habitat for snakes, scorpions, and other rodents.

He emphasized that the gutters are now turning to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes as a result of poor cleaning from the management of the gym.

The medical doctor also stated that, since Taraba state is rated high on the prevalence of Hepatitis, all machines of the gym and the floors needed to be clean with sanitizers and antiseptics to avoid athletes contacting diseases.

Danga also decried the poor state of the hall roof which spray dust to the athletes making them susceptible to contracting diseases, even cancer.

He maintained that since the government has spent an enormous amount of money to establish the Center, it is logical to have a good sense of maintenance culture.

Danga, also opined that the state sports council is in the right direction to manage the gym center bringing into the fact that the Ministry of Youths and Sports has a lot of activities to handle.

He appreciated the efforts of the management for their ability in keeping the center over the years and challenged them to do more.

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