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What Happened at Hon. Emmanuel Bello’s Book Launch

  • belloThe long awaited book launch written by Hon. Emmanuel Bello titled; Suntai: Betrayers, Loyalists, and the Media War have officially been unveiled to the public in Abuja under the distinguished chairmanship of Senator Emmanuel Bwacha (CON) from Southern zone.
    The occasion was opened by prayers from both the Christian and Muslim faiths respectively after which it was declared open by the chairman of the event.
    The launch was well attended by distinguished men and women from both state and federal levels as some serving Senators greased the launching.
    Present at the launching include;
  • the Senate President, who was ably represented by the deputy minority whip leader,
  • Sen. Philip, the Minority leader of the Senate who was the former governor of Akwa-Ibom,
  • Sen. Godswill Akpabio who was represented by Sen. Nelson Effiong
  • Our very own Senator who is the deputy minority leader, Emmanuel Bwacha,
  • Our Federal representative member, Hon. D.C Hosea and acting national chairman/President, National Youth Council of Nigeria,
  • Others are the Executive Governor of Taraba state Arc. Darius Ishaku who was the chief host and was represented by his chief of staff, Hon. Rebo Usman,
  • the former acting governor and former speaker of Adamawa state, Amb. James Barka who represented Adamawa state governor,
  • the Vice-Chancellor, Federal University, Wukari, Prof. Gundiri,
  • former EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu,
  • Some district heads from Bali Local Government Area and
  • The chairman of Bali local government, Hon. Danladi Suntai together with some family members from both Suntai and late Baba Adi,
  • Commissioners of both Water Resources and Environment,
  • Senior Special Assistants, and Special Advisers, as well as former Personal Assistant to Governor Suntai together with his chief security officer, were all present at the Book launch

The chairman of the occasion, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha (CON), said that the book is a good reminder about the events that took place during the period of the accident to 29th May 2015.
He also noted that the book has no sentimental attachment rather, it was written by a seasoned journalist from a journalistic view concerning what happened in Taraba state at that particular period.

The chairman of the occasion made it clear that the present administration under the leadership of His Excellency, Arc. Darius Ishaku has been taking the responsibility of former Gov. Suntai ‘s medical needs in the United States from day one till date and debunked rumors making the round about the present administration abandoning former governor Suntai.
Sen. Bwacha said that the greatest desire of Pharm. Suntai during his stay in office as governor was to ensure that power shifted to southern Taraba was achieved which vindicates them at the end of the day.

He said that he hopes that power remains in the south for the period that expected before shifting to other zones in the state.

The book reviewer, Barr. Danjuma Adamu who gave a brief and concise review of the book made it known that the 11 chapter-book is a 130 paged material.
He said that the crisis and it’s lasting period captured the events that took place during the period under review stressing that the book was written to capture the various roles played out by the various major actors during the period with the aim of amending and correcting the abnormalities in the political arena of the state and Nigeria at large.
The book reviewer did justice to the book as he gave a brief insight on each chapter of the book.
Rtd Col. Ahbu Musa dedicated the book after which men of the high table used the opportunity to express their delight and what they are expecting to get from the book.

It was on this note that the Senate President who was represented by the Minority Whip Leader of the Senate gave the message of the Senate President and added that the book would serve as history to both Tarabans and Nigerians at large.

Also, the former governor of Akwa Ibom state, Sen. Godswill Akpabio, who was also represented by Sen. Nelson Effiong, commended Hon. Bello for capturing the whole incidence that transpired on the day of the accident to 29th May 2015. He noted that there are more betrayers than loyalists in Nigeria at large.

However, during his salutations, he made a political statement about Nuhu Ribadu, the former EFCC boss whom he said came after him when he was the speaker of the house of Assembly in his state and said that Adamawa state missed having him as governor as well as Nigeria as a nation missed having him as president.

In a quick response to the statement, the former acting governor of Adamawa state who was representing the governor of his state, said that the good people of Adamawa state are very happy with the present administration under Alhaji Bindow, stressing that they do not miss anybody even up to this moment.

The Taraba state governor, represented by his chief of staff, Hon. Rebo Usman pointed out that we cannot write the history of Taraba state cannot be without the mentioning of Pharm. Danbaba Danfulani Suntai.
The governor commended Hon. Emmanuel Bello for compiling this magnanimous book which captured the events that took place during the period.
He said that the event that occurred between 2012 – 29th of May, 2015 left the state in broken pieces but the emergence of Governor Darius Ishaku have come to amend the broken pieces.

Hon. Usman during his speech acknowledged the efforts of those that stood firm during that period and also those from Southern Taraba that let go their ambitions of aspiring for the office of the governor that led to the emergence of Arc. Darius Ishaku.
The Chairman of the occasion unveiled the book, which opened the floor for launching.
During the event, some made in Taraba jokes were cracked by sons from Taraba state and own very own Charlee Nathan also performed his song on Zaman peace as a way of identifying with the slogan of the Governor which says “Give me peace and I will give you development.”
The occasion was brought to an end by a vote of thanks speech from the celebrant/writer of the book, Hon. Emmanuel Bello after which dignitaries on the high table was excused from the launching hall after generous contributions. The book launch was indeed a success.

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