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Nigeria Ranks High On Tuberculosis Index, WHO.

  1. Nigeria ranks high on Tuberculosis index— WHO.
  2. 2016 Global Tuberculosis Report 60% of TB cases worldwide in just 6 countries in 2015.
  3. Nigeria now has over 22,000 registered pharmacists .
  4. Make hand washing a habit.
  5. Ebola drug ZMapp may help, but is not a miracle cure.
  6. What you need to know about sexually transmitted infections.
  7. When was the last time you were vaccinated.
  8. Know the signs of brain aneurysm – it could save your life.
  9. This workout pumps up your arms and hikes up your heart rate.
  10. 6 Things that could make you cough in the workplace.
  11.   Senate extends JAMB’s result validity period to 3 years.
  12. Children dead in shelling near school in western Aleppo.
  13. Kalayaan Elementary School students participate in the open forum.
  14. Education Stakeholders Forum: “Working Together for Sustainable Basic Education.
  15. There’s a new tool for high schoolers applying to college.
  16. Parents can help their students pursue medical school dreams.
  17. How do teachers run PG classrooms during an R-rated campaign.
  18. The real cost of attending college is higher than you think.
  19. Everything educators need to know about student-led conferences.
  20. We should do for every child, in every classroom what we would do for our own.
  21.  Bauchi rescues 450 teenage girls from traffickers.
  22. Suspected rapist remanded in Lagos prison.
  23. Herbalist kills woman after using charm to have sex with her in Kwara.
  24. Stevie Wonder to lead Prince fans in final sendoff.
  25. Equatorial Guinea Consul-General, wife shot by gunmen in Rivers.
  26. Senate wants stiffer penalties for drug offenders.
  27. Court slams N1m bail on Union Bank staff for stealing N420,000.
  28. Reps amend law to strip corrupt Nigerians of National Awards.
  29. Fulani herdsmen ambush, kill two policemen in Kaduna.
  30.  JTF kills suspected militant,

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