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Police Uncovers Bread Stuffed With Human Heads…


  1. Police uncover bread stuffed with human heads.
  2. Police arrest wanted robbery kingpin in Enugu.
  3. Flood submerges houses, displaces 600 in C’River.
  4. NDLEA blames insurgency for increased drugs demand in North East.
  5. Police arrest woman strangling her one-year-old daughter.
  6. Kidnapped BUK lecturer regains freedom.
  7. UNHCR builds transitional shelter, kits for IDPs.
  8. Police arrest four NNPC workers for vandalising pipelines.
  9. Hurricane Matthew kills at least 17 in US after devastating Haiti.
  10. Be an uncommon Christian.


  1. Abdusalami urges FG to establish more cancer centres.
  2. Bayelsa govt approves employment of 65 medical staff.
  3. Nigeria: How Malaria Can Be Eradicated.
  4. 6 easy ways to prevent hemorrhoids.
  5. Steep rise in price of older cancer drugs.
  6. Top 5 medicinal plants to use.
  7. Public health physician Dr David Harley talks climate change & health at Parl.
  8. Loving Care Vital for Mental Health of Children in Institutions.
  9. Some gut bacteria may be harmful, but most are beneficial.
  10. What is the polio-like illness paralyzing US children.


  1. Dickson releases N540m for teachers’ salary.
  2. No TRCN licence, no recruitment – Registrar.
  3. Kano expends N2.6bn on education in two months.
  4. NNPC, Shell award scholarship to 110 students.
  5. Tension in Osun Schools over Mass Failure in WAEC Qualifying Examination.
  6. It’s tougher now than ever to get in to college, especially the Ivies.
  7. In language classrooms, students should be talking.
  8. Elections give us a chance to teach kids lessons.
  9. Why schools should put more emphasis on making food a priority.
  10. It’s important to plan for the college costs beside tuition and housing.

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