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He Used Cutlass to Chase Me and the Children Out…


  1. He used cutlass to chase me and the children out —Wife.
  2. You won’t believe what gospel singer did to his pastor’s wife.
  3. He has threatened to kill me several times —Wife.
  4. What this Nigerian man did to his wife will melt your heart.
  5. Intensity of her cruelty is known to everybody, man tells court.
  6. ‘We only see the sleeping faces of our children’ .
  7. Two soldiers arrested for kidnapping CBN governor’s wife.
  8. He doesn’t take care of me, yet he monitors my movements.
  9. My menopausal problems.
  10. Abducted Lagos teachers, students: Kidnappers demand N120m ransom.


  1. Fire incident: UniJos postpones examinations
  2. 4 approaches to building positive community in any classroom:
  3. Current & future teachers! We can help you pay for your education!
  4. This is what high school seniors should be asking their guidance counselors.
  5. Nonscience courses help for med school students too.
  6. 3 virtues that all teachers should have:
  7. These activities are helpful for students AND teachers:
  8. How I met Chibok girls in captivity – Salkida.
  9. Group wants government to empower teachers.
  10. Kano spends N2.6bn on education.
  11. Turkey frees arrested Nigerian students.


  1. Immunotherapy Cancer Drug Hailed As Game Changer.
  2. Cancer drug ‘helped me totally enjoy life’ .
  3. Say bye-bye to bad garlic breath with this simple, science-backed trick:
  4. How bacteria in your belly may affect your heart:
  5. 10 ways to get a flat stomach:
  6. 7 ways to get slim without a diet:
  7. Edible film made from essential oils can protect foods better than plastic.
  8. Rest days – you may be doing them wrong.
  9. 8 skin issues that could signal something’s wrong with your health:
  10. The top 10 bedtime habits that make you fat:

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