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Press Release: National Youth Council of Nigeria

NYC Taraba State ChapterIt has come to the notice of the leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria,(NYCN), Taraba state chapter that, there are some fictitious youths organizations in the state, who use the same platform to distort the pleasant leadership environment the council has established in the state.

As a result, henceforth, any youth body without proper affiliation to the National Youth Council of Nigeria or registered under a designated authority, trying to undermine governments’ efforts on peace will be dealt with decisively by the law.

The NYCN, Taraba state chapter, frowns at the negative act and calls on legally registered youth bodies to identify with the Body in a bid to collaborate and front issues that would better lots of youths in the state.

Taraba youths are patient, productive and peace lovers with varying degrees of maturity and would not subscribe to the anachronistic template of some individuals soaked with pride, ego and sentiments for their personal aggrandizement to the detriment of youth development in Taraba state.

It is disheartening to state that, in seeking for relevance, some youths have taken to blackmail, gossips, character assassination for their selfish gains owing to what we term “the making me to be known by all means syndrome” which is myopic, retrogressive, awkward and should be discouraged by our vibrant youths.

The violent restraint of a violent man might be necessary, but as diplomats, we shall exhaust all avenues to tackling issues that concern our youths before taking any punitive measures.

We applaud the doggedness, resilience, and resolve of some youths entrepreneurs in the state, who in their efforts have broken barriers, obstacles, and uncertainties towards liberating themselves out of the clutches of poverty and call on other youths to follow suit.

NYCN also appreciates the efforts of the state government in lifting the embargo on employment which is a feat recorded to employ and empower youths in the state gainfully.

We also condemn in its totality, the attitude of some civil servants who have continued to alter their age while their children have since graduated begging to be employed.

As the government is on the verge to train youths in various skills, it is important to call on prospective beneficiaries to avail themselves of the opportunity to train themselves to compete with their contemporaries anywhere in the world.

We also call on Taraba youths irrespective of religion, social status and educational background to support the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Taraba state chapter, which is the only apex body with an international affiliation that aggregates the interest of youths in the country.

The leadership of the body in the state marshaled by Comrade Udi Adamu is working assiduously to unite all youths and pushing for youths empowerment in the state.

As Nigeria clocks 56, it is a time to reflect on the struggles of our nationalists, who despite all odds, broke barriers against colonial subjugation.

We challenge youths always to remain focused on fighting out the recessionary economy which is a collective effort hence the need for all youths to play their part.

Signed: Udi  N. Adamu.
Chairman, NYCN, Taraba state chapter.

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