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Precious Sanda: I am Proud to be a Female Photographer

Unemployment is like cancer that has affected youths over time.

Most youths globally have embraced entrepreneurship to better their lots, which is now inclusive in the curriculum of most tertiary institutions, while others are still basking in the euphoria of waiting for white collar jobs.

In this exclusive interview, our correspondent had a time with a female photographer of the lashawn photo studio, who is happy with what she is doing.


Taravoices: How are you?

Precious: I am fine.

Taravoices: Where are you from?

Precious: From Karim lamido, wurkum by tribe.

Taravoices: What attracted you to the photo business.

Precious: Em’ sometimes back, I was just idling around doing nothing at home, so when the opportunity came I utilize it and thank God today “I am proud to be a photographer.”

Taravoices: Do you see it as a profession?

Precious: Yes, that is why I am in it.

Taravoices: How do you see yourself as a female photographer where those days people see it as a work for men.

Precious: Yes, the truth is I don’t see it that way. Like I said before, am proud of myself. I feel happy being a photographer, and I will keep doing it and enjoy everything that will follow it.

Taravoices: Have you covered programs?

Precious: No! for now, I only follow my boss, Lashawn to various events and see what he is doing, while I take some shot in the studio.
Taravoices: How do you cope with the male counterparts?

Precious: I see them as my business people, that I am a female photographer does not mean that people or the male counterpart can just talk to me anyhow. So I interact with them strictly on business.

Taravoices: Does your husband love what you are doing?

Precious: “laugh” I don’t have a spouse.

Taravoices: Ok fiancee?

Precious: Ok, boyfriend and he is not complaining about the kind of work that I am doing.

Taravoices: What do you hope to achieve as a photographer?

Precious: I am still learning, so I cannot set a target for myself, but I will keep doing my work very well to be a top professional.

Taravoices: Unemployment is a problem facing youths in the society, do you have any advice?

Precious: I will call on the youths not to sit idle but to always be doing something, mostly female they can be sales girls than depending on other people, that time has passed.

Taravoices: Precious, thanks for your time!

Precious: You are welcome sir.

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