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Update on National Youth Games: Taraba Wins 2 More Medals

The National Youth games are still on with Taraba state making an impact at the games.

Taraba got two bronze in Karate and wrestling by John Kingsley and Blessing Vincent from the Mumuye tribe, who is a first timer with first exposure to the National scene.

Taraba state should be expecting more medals as the game will today and tomorrow move to the quarterfinals and semifinals stage.

Meanwhile, there are cases of the hiring of athletes from other states to assist some states in the games which is unhealthy to catching them young for each state.

Our correspondent following the games said that the game’s purpose is to catch them young for future completions, hence the need for each state to develop its talent before they think of pitching the tent with other states to up their game with remuneration to follow after being established.

However, feeding remains a major setback to Taraba teams, but coaches present always advised the young talents to give their best to make the state proud and also build a career for themselves.

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