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RE: Taraba APC Calls for Governor Ishaku’s Resignation

In fact, societies that have progressed over time owe such attainment of growth and development largely to constructive criticisms from well-meaning citizens.

apc-logo-17However, this is not what is happening in Taraba State where we have a reservoir of mischief makers who are bent on creating an unhealthy atmosphere to undermine the present administration.

This brings us to a publication in the Leadership Newspaper dated 27th September 2016 with the caption “Taraba APC calls for Governor Ishaku’s resignation” which is predicated on falsehood, parochial interest, and criminality credited to the state chairman of the party, one Alhaji Hassan Ardo.

Earnestly, before considering the issues raised by Ardo in the publication, it should be placed on record that the APC Chairman is a man who is suffering from frustration for his inability to deliver his party at the 2015 general elections in Taraba State. He must be outside the country not to know that Taraba State doesn’t owe salaries. The happiness last can attest. And let him visit other states to hear their stories of salary payment!  

Emphatically, when a man like Ardo is calling on the Governor who is rated 6th in the country for good performance regarding development based on policies and programmes that touched the lives of the people, it shows clearly that Ardo is not only suffering from frustration but is sick mentally.

To say the least, such a pronouncement from Ardo is a blatant lie, mischievous and a shout of a drowning man who doesn’t want to be rescued by the man who is saddled with such a responsibility in Taraba State.

If we can take a cursory look at the antecedents of the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, people that mattered and those who care to know will agree with me that DDI is an accomplished businessman/technocrat with well-known establishments across the country.

Sometimes, the folly display by the likes of Ardo encouraged us to comment on their personalities. Therefore, it should be on record now and subsequently, that Ardo is a failed civil servant/businessman who left service due to fraudulent practices and lack where to hold unto except in the APC for a little or complete absence of knowledge about his past antecedents.

The present administration in Taraba State under the able leadership of Arc. Darius Ishaku has not only ensured steady progress regarding the provision of basic infrastructures but had succeeded in a great measure in repositioning the state that was hitherto considered as unlawful due to the myriad of security challenges that had bedeviled it in the past. Besides the aforementioned, DDI has also taken it as a point of duty and commitment to continually put smiles on the faces of civil servants by paying their salaries as at when due, contrary to insinuations by Hassan Ardo that salaries are not been paid in the state.

The magnanimity of Ishaku, especially during this period of economic recession, should be commended because most states of the Federation instead owe workers several months of salary arrears.

The government is not surprised that Ardo who is a failed accountant in the service of Taraba State Government some years ago, could make sweeping and unsubstantiated allegations with no facts and figures to buttress or justify such claims as captured in the Newspaper.

If truly Hassan Ardo who has not work doing now, meant well for the state, he should learn how best to contribute towards the progress of the state rather than bothering Tarabans who are now enjoying the dividends of democracy from the present administration under DDI with sentiments along political or religious lines.

This is the chairman that cannot visit his hometown due to lack of popularity. Again, the APC chairman is condemning moves by the Executive and the legislative arms of government to reduce the tenure of local government council chairpersons to two years argued that two years was inadequate. This argument by Ardo is baseless because any council chairman who knows his onions can work wonders on one year not even two years for the good of his or her people.

In Taraba State, the state government and the legislators have critically synergized by taking far-reaching decisions to improve the lots of the people. There is no civil servant that is not paid in the state and the local governments except where measures are being put in place to block salary leakages which had led to the over bloated staff strength, leading to the ever-increasing salary bills.

Ardo Hassan who served and retired as an accountant is believed to be part of the perpetration of the salary leakages hence, his desire to stop the present government from correcting and preventing the illegality. Yes, the conduit pipe where Ardo was criminally benefitting from is no longer there hence his insinuations.

On teachers and local government staff, recently the government paid the staff of the local governments two months after the biometric screening exercise and as such, Ardo has no reason whatsoever to say the workers are not paid.

I am calling on Ardo always to do his homework by being objective if truly he wants to serve the interest of the people of Taraba State devoid of sentiments. He should also note that Taraba State of yesterday is not the Taraba State of today.

The government of Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku is on course and is not prepared to give listening ears to distractors and the likes of Ardo who are interested in the pull-down syndrome.

Ahmed Suleiman Karim is a Public Affairs Analyst with the DDI Rescue Watch Team based in Jalingo.

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