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Japan Donates Agriculture Materials to Farmers in Borno

  1. Japan Donates Agriculture Materials To Farmers In Borno.
  2. Africa: UN Highlights Agriculture’s Potential to Help Address Climate Change and Antimicrobial Resistance.
  3. AfDB Injects U.S.$1 Billion to End Youth Unemployment in Africa.
  4. South Africa: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries On Brics Meeting of Agriculture Ministers.
  5. Over a 5-year period, Denmark slashed its discarded food by 25%.  What’s behind their success?
  6. Demand for rice support rises.
  7. A new microbial discovery that may benefit millions of subsistence farmers worldwide
  8. Stakeholders, at expo seek more private investors in agriculture.
  9. Drip irrigation will give you more profits than you think.
  10. How these farmers are dodging rising soil acidity.
  11. Mali: @WFP warns funding gap may jeopardize school meals programme.
  12. Learn why Africa is leading in the pursuit of a sustainable ocean economy:
  13. NigerianDailyNews: Improve FUNAAB security: Yemi Otitolere, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokut.
  14. African Development Bank aims to lend Nigeria $4.1bn for power and Agriculture.
  15. FACT: Food waste is the 3rd largest contributor of GHGs to our climate.


  1. Flamingoes arrive in Jordan ahead of U-17 World Cup.
  2. Ex-Nigerian athletes to reward American coach: AMERICAN track and field coach, Terry Franson,
  3. UCL: Iwobi’s Arsenal target Group A summit against Basel .
  4. Lazy or a scapegoat? Humiliated Ben Arfa already fighting to save PSG career.
  5. Sunderland winger Adnan Januzaj ruled out for at least six weeks.
  6. Uganda: Zone V Basketball Tournament Set to Steal Shine From KIU’s Top Seed Pursuit .
  7. With Messi missing, how Barcelona could line up against Borussia Monchengladbach .
  8. Vietto undeterred by wasteful showing.
  9. Are Leicester targeting Europe? Why Claudio Ranieri’s men are saving the best for the Champions League.
  10. Syrian Olympic swimmer shuts down anti-refugee rhetoric in 4 words.
  11. How Pep Guardiola is turning Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling into the star many hoped he’d become.
  12. Chinese investors endorse Air Peace flight operations, seek partnership.
  13. From Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, this is the kind of breathtaking brilliance that lies in store.
  14. ‘Ashley Madison? We thought about her as a Hollywood star gone wrong’.
  15. Alicia Machado, Miss Universe weight-shamed by Trump, speaks out for Clinton.

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