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German Firm Re-Launches Drugs to Manage Diabetes in Nigeria…


  1. German firm re-launches drugs to manage diabetes in Nigeria.
  2. Is there a depression diabetes connection in pregnant women?
  3. Teaching hospitals need adequate funding to survive   
  4. Over 90% of world breathing bad air – WHO.
  5. NOUN, health providers partner against communicable diseases.
  6. 13 ways inflammation can affect your health.
  7. 5 things you should know about detox teas.
  8. stroke may cause more deaths in seven years.
  9. Chronic dry eye syndrome can cause a burning, gritty sensation.
  10. 14 Things Never To Say To Trauma Survivors.
  11. Morning sickness may be a sign that all’s well.


  1. World Rivers Day: Rivers essential to man’s survival –
  2. Troops Encountered Terrorists Ambush At Kuburmbula village,
  3. Female BokoHaram victims in IDPs camps forced to sell sex as food runs out
  4. Police, Civil Defence deploy 40,000 operatives for Edo polls
  5. Protesters storm Lagos court over Patience Jonathan
  6. 50 kids raped in Plateau in four months –
  7. Earth tremor: Rivers, Bayelsa communities call for investigations –
  8. 2016 Abuja Carnival Begins November 19
  9. Pastor To Be Prosecuted For Invading Shrine
  10. Amaechi’s Kinsmen Raise The Alarm Over Destruction Of Farmlands –


  1. Pains Of Blind School Children
  2. ICAO Applauds NCAT, FG’s Plan For Aviation University –
  3. How to make sure that formative assessment is fun, organic, relevant,
  4. Why going to nursing graduate school is worth it.
  5. 7 playful tactics to get kids to write poetry:
  6. Yes, preschool teachers really do treat black and white children totally differently
  7. Here are 7 things to avoid when applying to scholarships.
  8. Here are 6 tips for parents who want to help their child get into college.
  9. Can ANYTHING Distract These 6-year-old Girls From Their iPads?
  10. See which schools are offering international students the most financial aid.

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