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Starting Up a Successful Laundry Business in Taraba…

The MD Jumlan Klean Launderette.
Laundry business is a lucrative business. This is because many people do not have time to do their laundry, hence, are willing to pay for it.

laundry-business-in-tarabaMr. Kefas Jumlan, the owner of Jumlan Klean, Jalingo who has been in the laundry business for two years now, said that starting a laundry business requires little knowledge as all you need are equipment, a business plan, strategic location and good marketing tools.

He said: “When we started, there were very few laundry services available and the business was booming, unlike now, that people have established lots of launderettes. But people that want quality, the still look for our services because we have the equipment to carry out our duties.”
In choosing a location, he advised people who want to go into the business to get a good location that is accessible to their target market.
“The location should be in an area that attracts customers who do not have laundry machines at home and a nearby competition,” he said.

“We have different laundry machines for different purposes. We have machines for chemical-based laundry and water-based laundry.
We have dryers, iron, generator, constant water supply, and other equipment. We use it on a daily basis for the business.”

The major challenges associated with laundry business are the unstable power supply, increase in the price of goods and services and getting a strategic location to rent or buy.
“When we started, our biggest challenge was rent and unstable power supply. Then, we were paying a huge amount for rent,

And it was as if we were working for somebody. So we decided to stop and re-strategies. We had to get a catchy location in the heart of Jalingo to buy because we needed to be close to the people that need our services,” Mr. Kefas explain.


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