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How to keep Your Blood Pressure Low Every Morning…


    1. 6 things to do every morning to keep your blood pressure low.
    2. Studies say improving circulation relieves pressure on your heart.
    3. 10 best heart-healthy fall foods
    4. The drug that cut your risk of dying from heart attack by half!
    5. FG warned on tobacco threat to public health.
    6. Over four million Nigerians face acute hunger – NGOs.
    7. You can choose your baby boy or girl before birth.
    8. 5 foods with more protein than an egg:
    9. How do you change unhealthy habits when living with.
    10. What not to eat during pregnancy: a survival guide.


  1. Aregbesola’s education policy in perspective.
  2. Varsity don lists panacea for effective governance.
  3. Benue govt. denies diverting schools rehabilitation fund.
  4. Seek medical examination before taking drugs, Pharmaceutical Society advises Nigerians.
  5. 4 ways to get free college textbooks.
  6. Using technology to make small-scale changes that benefit students.
  7. In language classrooms, students should be talking.
  8. These 10 colleges have produced the most millionaires.
  9. Ideas for campus leaders interested in fostering a climate of inclusion.
  10. The power of nonverbal communication in the classroom.


  1. Why rusticated student, Olorunfemi Adeyeye, was arrested – UNILAG.
  2. Over 2,000 prisoners on death row in Nigeria.
  3. Police capture gunman in US mall shooting that killed 5.
  4. Pastor stuck in shrine trying to destroy idols.
  5. Suspected militants attack troops, kill soldier in Bakassi.

25.Wife Catches Husband Raping 15 year Old Daughter

  1. Man commits suicide in Benin.
  2. Kidnapper leads Police to Spot Where he Buried Prominent Chief.
  3. Man’s Hand Cut Off While trying to Steal TV.
  4. Bayelsa Governor’s Wife Rachael Dickson Delivered of Quadruplets In USA.

30. Police Release Detained UNILAG Students.

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