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Tips to Start Bead Making in Taraba….

With a little creativity, anyone can make beaded jewelry. But to get started, you can take two weeks training course with any fashion house on bead making.

beadTo make beads, you will need some metal strings for connecting the beads, wire cutters, a tape measure, pins, clasps and different types of beads, of course. More importantly, you will need a bead design board to help you make the job much easier and organized.

The market is usually flooded with all kinds of beads, so you have to be prepared for competition. The key to surviving and succeed in this business is to create a unique brand. Establishing a niche in the market is difficult, but not impossible.

A good way to get the attention of potential customers is to advertise online. Advertise on your Twitter, Face book, Instagram, Whatsapp account. You can use word-of-mouth too but again whatever fantastic piece you are making will advertise your work to the world.

If you have the needed skills in beaded jewelry making and are interested in either making it a full-time job or a part-time job, then you must put in your best.

Here are a few tips to start your business from scratch.
Capital: Start with what you have. Many people are discouraged from starting their own business because they think they need a huge capital to start. With N30, 000 or less you can start a small scale beaded jewelry making business.

Know your scope: You have to choose the type of jewelry design you want to specialize in, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, handbags or a combination of all.

Decide how to get your supplies: As a jewelry designer, you have the option of making your pieces from scratch, if you have the tools and the necessary training to do so, or you can buy your materials from the market.

Make it legal: Register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It is easy, and you will be glad you did in future.
Create marketing materials: Get business cards, which you can hand out to your friends and family as well as at fairs.

Start: When you are ready to start selling your products, take them to family gatherings, offices, shops, social events, etc. It may be a challenging task at the beginning, but it will pay off. You are the best marketer for your goods.
How to determine prices.
While there are no hard and fast rules for pricing your beadwork, the general rule is to calculate your materials’ costs, plus anywhere from 25-40 percent profit on materials; and a fee for your time.

If you are not happy with your sales after six months, re-evaluate your marketing strategy, Find out if people are satisfied with your product. Remember that you are competing with thousands of other handmade jewelry businesses.


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