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Taraba State House of Assembly Spokesman Debunks Allegation of Executive Control

By, Nick Dugba
The Taraba State House of Assembly, through its spokesman, Sale Saad, has stated that those who claim that the legislature in Taraba state was controlled by theExecutive arm were entitled to their opinion, even as he boasted that the House had lived up to its responsibility.

tarabaSpeaking with Journalists after plenary, Sale Saad, who represents Jalingo 2 constituency and a member of the opposition APC in the state, opined that the electorate was in a position to ensure that those they elected did what they were voted to do.
There were insinuations going round in the state that the legislature was not doing well in checking the executive and the House was quick to deny that claim.

“Actually, to those who make these insinuations are entitled to their opinion, and we cant stop them. But the fact remains, they are doing their best as an electorate to see we have done what we were sworn for.

We have vowed to work tirelessly to ensure Tarabans enjoy the dividends of democracy. It is obvious that the House has come out with Bills that are of direct bearing on the wellbeing of Tarabans.

We have passed a Bill on illegal felling of trees, and we are all witness to what extent it has helped in the IGR of the state”, he stated.

On why they had to delay the recess until now, Saad said they did it in the interest of the people. “We have so many businesses that stopped us from going which directly touch the wellbeing of Tarabans.

That was why we had been delayed from going on recess, taking cognizance of the importance of what we had at stake.
That is why we deem it necessary to delay and to go for a break for only two weeks instead of the initial four weeks”, he concluded.

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