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Governor Ishaku’s Eidel-Kabir Celebration Message to Tarabans

dditakumGovernor Darius Dickson Ishaku has tasked Islamic faithful to imbibe the spirit of goodness, faithfulness, resilience, sacrifices and selflessness as they celebrate Eid-el-Kabir Sallah.

Governor Darius Ishaku said that insecurity, economic hardship, and dwindling national revenue remain a challenge to the country.

He said it is widely known that the financial situation of Taraba State and Nigeria is no longer buoyant as money is no longer in circulation and that government is struggling with the payment of workers salaries.

Governor Darius Ishaku urged Tarabans to show patience, increase fortitude, tolerance, endurance, sacrificial patriotism and greater creativity in seeking innovative ways to weather the trying times.

He assured Tarabans that his government would continue to work assiduously towards ensuring peace and security, protection of lives and property of citizens and seeking ways that would guarantee an enabling environment for the citizens to engage in purposeful economic activities to enhance livelihood.

Governor Ishaku also stated that as the nation is passing times, Taraba state would look inwards to harness the state endowment to begin a sustainable and vibrant transformation.

The Governor said that the adversity and crisis government is passing through would reveal opportunities for greatness.

He maintained that, it might not be easy to attain but that it is possible to make Taraba State great even in the face of external socioeconomic challenges.

Governor Darius reminded Tarabans of the old saying which states that “Necessity is the mother of invention” and that “tough time never last, but tough people do.”

He called on Tarabans to set aside differences to move the state to greater heights.

The Governor urged Tarabans to reflect on his message and to continue to work tirelessly to maintain the peace that the state has attained so far.

Governor Darius Ishaku extended his warmth prayers and best wishes to the pilgrims of the state in Mecca and wished all Tarabans the best of Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

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