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Want to Know More About Type 2 Diabetes?…


  1. More aggressive treatments for type 2 diabetes may lead to a longer life:
  2. Did you know these 15 celebs suffer from Type 2 Diabetes?
  3. Find out about these exercises that may improve your memory.
  4. The best method to quit smoking forever:
  5. 5 methods for stopping hair loss (and maybe even growing some back!):
  6. New treatments for Crohn’s disease could be coming soon:
  7. Not feeling well? Don’t know whether to train? Here’s what to do.
  8. How swimming can supercharge your gym sessions divein spon.
  9. 16 foods nutritionists eat when they want to lose a few pounds:
  10. Don’t do these things when you’re feeling frustrated:
  11. Recession: Make fat cash from after-school tutoring –
  12. Ask early and nicely for letters of recommendation.
  13. How to choose diverse & inclusive student resources.
  14. Social justice projects you can do in your classroom:
  15. One teacher in Texas is putting an end to homework.
  16. The not-so-radical way schools are revamping & reenergizing meetings:
  17. Enabling student voice & choice through projects:
  18. You can get one of these 6 great jobs with an online degree.
  19. How to make the most of those law schools recruiting events.
  20. Read voraciously your freshman year of high school.
  21. Niger-Delta Youths Seek Partnership With Government.
  22. Bulletproof death: Villagers bar reporter from teenager’s burial.
  23. See what pastor said will happen to corrupt politicians and their children.
  24. Terror Alert: Massive Security Deployment for Sallah.
  25. Pothole impedes traffic at Mararaba.
  26. Troops kill 7 kidnappers, destroy camps.
  27. Kenyan Muslims can wear hijab at Christian schools – court.
  28. Navy in serial raid on oil bunkerers.
  29. ‘Why media must be regulated’.
  30. Centre links high cost of food to farmers/herders clashes.


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