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How Cognitive Computing is Changing IoT. Get Details Here


  1. How cognitive computing is changing IoT.
  2. Drones overfly Champs-Elysee in ‘magical’ Paris festival.
  3. SERAP rejects FG’s proposed tax on telecom services.
  4. Israel’s Space Communication says SpaceX owes $50m or free flight.
  5. Google’s Project Ara was a terrible idea
  6. Lyft reportedly declined GM’s $6 billion acquisition offer.
  7. Call of Duty world champions are crowned in LA.
  8. Woman brilliantly fools a phone scammer
  9. Does Apple really think we’re ready to ditch the headphone jack?
  10. Five ways to boost your Android phone’s battery life right now.
  11. How a neighborhood social network used design to drop racial profiling on its site by 75%.
  12. 15-inch monitor that gives your laptop a second screen.
  13. Are iPhone prices giving you heartburn? Consider your options.
  14. Inside the plan to make self-driving cars speak human.
  15. Sony’s funkadelic Glass Sound Speaker has your party’s music and mood lighting covered.
  16. Personal aviation is more likely to be delivered by drones than flying cars.
  17. Watch a double eclipse of the sun as seen from outer space.
  18. Facebook’s editorial purge has completely backfired.
  19. Here are the best movies and shows coming this month to streaming.
  20. Grab ride-hailer lets users pay with credit card points.
  21. Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman join forces in new comic.
  22. How Mr. Robot’s incredibly detailed Easter eggs come together.
  23. 5 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10.

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