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Expert Links Increase in Fraud to ICT Knowledge Among Youths…

  1. Expert links increase in frauds to ICT knowledge among youths.
  2. Facebook founder tips Nigeria to create internet billionaires.
  3. Mac tips, tricks and shortcuts: Here’s your master list.
  4. Mercedes and Microsoft want to turn your car into an office.
  5. The EU is on a crusade to make Apple pay more taxes.
  6. Man becomes guinea pig for cancer therapy he invented.
  7. How to tell if your Facebook has been hacked (and what to do).
  8. leak shows that people still use dumb passwords.
  9. Brilliant hacker turned the classic NES Zapper into a kick-ass toy laser gun.
  10. Windows 10 tip: Solve network problems with a one-click reset.
  11. Nintendo is bringing the cartridge back for its new console.
  12. SpaceX blew up Facebook’s first internet satellite, and Mark Zuckerberg is not pleased.
  13. Wacom’s digital notepads take you halfway to a Yoga Book.
  14. The genius trick that keeps trash bags from falling in.
  15. LG’s 29-inch Windows 10 tablet comes stuck to a smart fridge.
  16. Qualcomm’s new all-in-one VR headset will be cheaper than the Rift and Vive.
  17. Governments and nation states are now officially training for cyberwarfare.
  18. Scientists have finally figured out how to grow norovirus in a petri dish.
  19. Acer’s Swift 7 is the first laptop thinner than a centimeter.
  20. How the SpaceX explosion set back Facebook’s free internet ambitions.
  21. A 3D printer quiet enough for the office.
  22. It is not OK that all phones aren’t waterproof by now.
  23. Beverage-dispensing Burger King vending machine is a Lego masterpiece.
  24. 5 tech startups changing the world.
  25. This 360-degree speaker has a fully functioning Windows PC inside.

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