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Tech Innovations Can Salvage Nigeria’s Economy – Omeruo. Get Details Here

  1. Tech innovations can salvage Nigeria’s economy – Omeruo.
  2. Insider involvements account for 80% of electronic fraud – Expert
  3. MTN targets over N300bn proceeds from Nigerian IPO
  4. How Warner Bros. can save the DC extended universe.
  5. ‘Brave’ is a new browser that offers both ad-blocking and publisher payments.
  6. Read Samsung’s full statement on the Galaxy Note 7 recall.
  7. Facebook Messenger adds ‘Instant video,’ basically video chat on steroids.
  8. August in Africa: All the tech news you shouldn’t miss from last month.
  9. An email scam cost one of Europe’s biggest companies $40 million.
  10. Sphero’s new wearable wristband lets you use the force to control BB-8
  11. Alienware’s redesigned gaming laptops are slimmer, faster and ready for VR.
  12. Machine learning just got more human with Google’s RankBrain.
  13. TomTom’s new fitness tracker can estimate your body fat and muscle mass.
  14. This startup is protecting Afghanistan’s prized rare emeralds.
  15. This is what a $3,000 box of colored pencils looks like.
  16. Cisco plans layoffs on pivot towards IoT and cloud.
  17. What Apple’s ‘top secret’ VR division has been working on.
  18. A $3,680 gold-plated hi-res audio player is Sony’s latest attempt to revive the Walkman.
  19. Apple updates OS X, Safari after spyware exploit found.
  20. Apple just remembered it had a Twitter account.
  21. Omate Rise 3G smartwatch slaps Amazon Alexa on your wrist.
  22. Qualcomm is making an ambitious, risky all-in-one VR headset.
  23. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker doesn’t mind if you jam out in the shower.
  24. The Culture Gabfest discusses the best mind-blowing movies.
  25. Huawei’s Nova phones strip down to their aluminum unibody essentials.

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