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If You Have Heart Disease, a Mediterranean Diet May Help.Get This and Many More Here:


  1. If you have heart disease, a Mediterranean diet may help:
  2. Hospitalizations for heart infection related to drug injection rising
  3. Did you know brain games,certain foods,& gym time helps your memory
  4. Obamacare catastrophe may destroy American Middle Class
  5. Health officials recommend blood donations in the U.S. tested for Zika:
  6. Eating grilled, baked, or fried foods may up your risk for diabetes,
  7. Pregnant women: 3 things you can do to prevent  lower premature birth
  8. 1-7 Sept is nationalasthmaweek – don’t let asthma stop you from having
  9. What’s that random bump on your body?
  10. 7 constipation remedies worth trying when you can’t poop:
  11. Where there’s Zika, there’s often Guillain-Barré syndrome
  12. Are massages healthy? Tap in to learn:
  13. How to get the honeymoon feeling back in your relationship
  14. Why your grandparents are having better sex than you:
  15. Women’s conception rates ‘not affected by moderate drinking’
  16. Organ transplants: Ethnic minorities urged to discuss donations
  17. 10 Best Superfoods To Kick Start Your Day
  18. How to keep your snacking in check:
  19. 8 trophy husbands we wouldn’t mind taking home:
  20. Canola oil is the biggest hidden health ‘danger’ at the prepared food bar
  21. Army Establishes School For Displaced Children In Bama
  22. Annular eclipse occurs today, do not view with naked eyes – experts
  23. Shi’ites warn of tragedy if leader goes blind
  24. Zamfara killings: Police identify 14 suspects
  25. Woman Africa Donates Food Items, Relief Materials To Benue IDPs…
  26. Operation Crocodile Smile Raids Terrorists’ Hideouts In Delta…
  27. Police quiz commissioner over murder
  28. 7 missing in Zamfara canoe mishap
  29. Oyo to vaccinate 1 million babies against pneumonia, meningitis –
  30. Labour Charges FG To Pay Salary Arrears To Reduce Hunger, Suffering

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