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This researcher says diabetes isn’t always chronic. Get This and Other Stories Here:


  1. This researcher says diabetes isn’t always chronic. Here’s how to cure it:
  2. Nigeria: Antibiotics Increases Risk of Type 1 diabetes in Children
  3. Digitalization: Taraba Television Set To Beat 2017 Deadline –
  4. He ran away when I told him I was pregnant, woman tells court •
  5. The Very First Light Rail In Nigeria Ready For Inauguration
  6. Nigeria will achieve full rehabilitation of Boko Haram victims –
  7. Here’s the right way to talk to your teenage kids about their weight:
  8. THIS infographic takes a closer look at asthma attacks and why they
  9. Green tea can burn calories, cut heart disease and so much more
  10. 8 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Potassium
  11. The truths about juices that every man needs to know
  12. Strokes should always be taken seriously. Know the signs:
  13. How to protect yourself from toxic foods when the government won’t
  14. Uganda: The Tempting drug That Lira Men Have Turned to
  15. American Medical Association opposes compulsory immunizations
  16. Early morning yoga is just one way you can instantly improve your health
  17. 6 super simple health hacks that will add years to your life:
  18. 10 lessons we can learn from quotes by Nikola Tesla
  19. You can’t always be happy, but that’s not a bad thing. Here’s why
  20. The key to breaking a nasty habit is replacing it with a healthier one:
  21. Fussy toddler? Here are some menu ideas.
  22. Home Life There is a fresh threat of yellow fever outbreak in Nigeria:
  23. Ghana: Lordina Foundation Donates medical Supplies
  24. The Future of Nigeria’s Response to HIV: Q&A with Dr. Oluwatobi Victor
  25. Nursing union seeks enhanced law enforcement, prosecution of quacks
  26. 5 foods you’re eating wrong:
  27. The medicinal plants you can grow at home
  28. Keep your eyes safe from long-term damage by avoiding these common
  29. Proof: Bottled Water Is Making You Sick
  30. Happy NationalDogDay! Here’s how to keep your furry pal happy and

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