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18 Months Salary Arrears: Taraba Queens on the Rampage

By Nick Dugba

The State female football club, the Taraba Queens, have staged a protest at the Government  House Jalingo over unpaid salaries of 18 months.

Taraba QueensAccording to the rampaging players who displayed placards amid tight security at the entrance  of the Government  House, the government had promised to pay the arrears of salaries owed themowed them but rewere unable to fulfill  their promise and that they were hungry and unable to meet their personal needs as well as meet the needs of dependants.

The apparently  frustrated  ladies who approached the Government House entrance from Barde Way, chanted slogans and carried placards with inscriptions  such as, ‘Mungaji da Zaman nyunwa, pay us’, ‘Taraba Queens, 18 months, no salary’, and others.

According to the captain of the team, Grace Michael,  the team has a game at hand by the weekend but due to the situation on ground, it was impossible to prosecute the game successfully.

‘Last year they just paid us for November and December. They told us that from January, something would be done. Uptill now nothing has been done.  We have been training, if we don’t love this state, we will not endure and most of our players are sick, our family members are dying, no money to take care of them.  We don’t have money to take care of ourselves and we are ladies, we don’t want to be pushed to the streets’,she lamented.

She appealed to government to come to their aid by taking a decisive step. ‘We are asking them to come to our rescue and pay us our money.

If they can’t continue, let them pay us and let’s go’. This reporter has further learnt from the aggrieved  players that the team has experienced  dwindling fortunes in the Premier League because of the condition it found itself. Also, the captain confessed that their lodge got burnt recently but no action was taken by the authorities, despite lodging complaint.

Also, there were fears of sex scandals in the camp perpetrated by some officials who take advantage of the vulnerability of the ladies as alleged by the ladies.

However, the officials of the club, including the Chairman,  Mustapha Tahir, struggled frantically to appease the ladies with little success. But the State’s Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Pastor Gambo Ndafor appeared suddenly to address the players but he was not  able to do so and decided to address  them at his office.

Efforts to speak with the management and the Commissioner proved abortive as they were too busy to talk to the press at that moment.

… full details of the story comes shortly

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