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Distinguishing Qualities of Taraba Governor’s Wife As She Turns 59

IMG-20160824-WA0002As wife of Taraba State Governor turns 59, we wish to celebrate her by pulling back the curtains to reveal who Her Excellency, Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku really is and why Tarabans are privileged to have her as the number one mother of the State. These revelations will help those who wish to relate with her in future know what turns her on and off and those who have been admiring her from a distance will include her in their daily prayers.

Recently,  a story emerged online revealing how Melinda Gates, the wife of the richest man on earth was washing plates and carrying water on her head, trekking on a dusty road in a typical African village. Last week, President Obama was pictured alongside his second daughter Sasha, dishing out food in a restaurant where she worked for four hours every day.

After going through this revealing article about Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku, you will understand why you need not look far to know that we have more than Melinda Gates and Barrack Obama in Taraba state.

Through stories posted on, of her numerous activities as well as interaction with some of her close aides, the following were gathered about her Excellency:

IMG-20160824-WA0003Her Goal is to Make Impact: Through her NGO, Hope Afresh Foundation Taraba,  she has organized Skill Acquisition Programmes,  Medical Rescue Outreaches, daring trips to remote places, catered for Internally Displaced Persons, put together Women oriented programmes and numerous activities that has put smiles on the faces of people and food on the table of thousands. In fact, she is more in the news for creating impact than for parties.

She is Orderly: She has a clearly defined office with various departments like; Administration, Protocol,  Press, Project Management and ICT. She enjoys things being done the right way by following the proper channel.

For instance, if a proposal is for a particular agency , then  it should be taken to them. Also, if you wish to see her, book an appointment, and if you are a professional coming to convince her to do something that is not related to your field, you may not get your problem solved.

She is Firm and Decisive Yet Flexible and Receptive: She knows her right as well as what she wants and goes for it. She takes decisions and stands by it, however her aides have at one point or the other influenced a change of decision about issues when she knows their suggestions are better than hers.

She is a woman with great stamina: Her legendary Sunkuru visit as well as various visits to her project sites and long working hours, without breaking down attest to this fact.

Hospitable: She is so hospitable that she finds time to personally supervise and ensure her staff are comfortable and well taken care of, especially when on a trip with her. Her kindness and generosity is exceptional as she loves and respects everyone genuinely including her subjects as well as motivates her staff in cash and kind.

Intelligent: She supports her husband in functions and tries not to interfere with his decisions. She likes learning something new daily as she builds her capacity accordingly.

Integrity:  As a one time Permanent Secretary and a prosecutor for 20 years, she is thorough in all her efforts, always seeking to get concrete evidence and facts. She is upright and has zero tolerance for injustice as she stands for truth and justice at all times.

She is Educated and Experienced: As a Barrister and Civil Servant, she rose to the rank of Solicitor-General and Permanent Secretary, attending several training workshops at home and abroad which has gained her a lot of exposure.

Prudent Manager of Resources:  She takes her time to thoroughly cross-check documents before endorsing them in order of importance.

Humility : She cooks, drives, gardens, cleans her house by herself, replies text messages almost as soon as you send it as well as receives and returns missed calls when she sees it.

She Upholds Privacy: She dislikes been interrupted at odd hours when your problems can wait. Calling her when she ought to be asleep or early before office hours irritates her.

Time manager:  She sticks to time as she is not given to ‘African Time’. That is why you find her at venue of programs before the organizers. She places value on time and does not waste it unnecessarily unless your issue is extremely serious.

Care for her family: Though her children are all grown-up, and not always around her, she keeps a close tab on them and ensures they always do the right thing.

She is a compassionate woman: This can be seen in her ability to care for women and children as well as the less privileged. This can also be attested to by her siblings whom she took over their care 30 years ago after losing their mother at a tender age.

Visionary Leader: She led Taraba State to Global recognition through the Global City Teams Challenge programme, which was held in the USA in June 2016, where 360 cities worldwide participated. Our project was one of the best three worldwide, the best in Nigeria and Africa, and was awarded 10,000 US DOLLARS. She selected the project topic, the angle of approach, a team of 11 experts from various fields in Taraba and she supervised their activities weekly for two months, together with moral and financial support.

Hard Work: She is hardworking and passionate and does not condone laziness around her. Her achievements in life are a hallmark of her industry.

She loves and appreciates nature: She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty as she cares for plants in her garden. 

Here are some of the comments from her personal aides about unique encounters they’ve had with her that they will never forget:

ICT Coordinator: From the day she mounted my laptop and edited documents at a fraction of the time I normally did, I immediately knew I had met a genius, and truly, I have never been wrong.

Chief Press Secretary: She is a wonderful woman.

Protocol: Her Excellency is a mother and wife because as a governor’s wife, with all the aides in her house, she goes into the kitchen and cooks for her husband and most times, serves her guests. Secondly, in the rural areas, she sits with the very poor people and shares in their meal.

Personal Assistant: She still treats me as a daughter, forgetting that I am her sister by doing many things for me which I could do for myself. This kind of sister is very rare and I thank God for her life.

Administrative Officer: As a fellow barrister, she treats me not as her employee but as a colleague.

Project Manager: She is a mother, grandmother, my mentor and anchor in my spiritual life. I don’t take her as First Lady because of the role she has played and still playing in my life. I always call her ‘Mummy’ instead of ‘Her Excellency’. What a great, strong, loving, caring woman. I am privileged to work under her.

Personal Nurse: She is caring, God-fearing, humble and never holds back correcting me in love when I go wrong.

Cleaner: The day I weeded the surroundings of her office, when she came out and saw it, she boosted my morale and said we were very hardworking. Before I knew it, a brown envelope followed. Working with Her Excellency was a dream come true.

Personal Secretary: She is very transparent and rigid in her decisions concerning vital issues that will help the masses.

Orderly: Before meeting her, I thought I knew many things but I was wrong. She has taught me so many things in love and humility. She has giving me countless gifts-money, clothes, etc. she ensures that I eat what she eats. I am privileged. My life has been transformed. May God bless her and grant her long, happy life. Thank you Ma.

Police EoD: She has been a mother to a motherless person like me. Whenever I meet with her, I “mistake” her to be my real mother. I have never for once seen her segreggating between us. She advices me as a daughter. She is very sympathetic and sensitive to my needs. It will take me volumes of books to write about her

Woman Sergeant: She welcomes everyone equally. Helped me a lot when I had a very serious problem by encouraging, supporting and assisting me. Anytime I do wrong, she corrects me. She is God-fearing and brings me closer to her.

State Intelligence Operative: She is a person to work with because she treats us as her children in all aspects.

Chief Security Officer, Government House: She is an icon, a landmark of history,  a model to her aides, government house protocol and security agents. Any sound mind that ever had close dealings with her will know that she is a mother indeed. Happy Birthday Your Excellency.

Some of her aides gave us their comments with tears in their eyes. They really love her.

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