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AUN Award Scholarships to Nigerian Students. Get Details And More Here.

  1. AUN awards scholarships to Nigerian students
  2. How much do you work in the holidays? Secret Teacher says we should stop judging each other
  3. Panel talk on Indigenous Education
  4. Why do so many Mexican children drop out of school to join the country’s workforce?
  5. Malaysia police closely monitoring university students under possible IS influence: Official
  6. Education For Girls: A Call to Action -Governor El-Rufai
  7. Stakeholders Meet Towards ITU Telecom World 2016
  8. Air Force Successfully Test-Fires Locally Weaponized Aircraft
  9. Governor Wike Queries Education Commissioner Over Slow Pace Of work
  10. Some interns get coffee & make copies. At @NASAArmstrong, they fly Mars aircraft prototypes:
  11. The giant “flying bum” aircraft flew for the first time this week
  12. Google waves goodbye to Linux for new IoT OS Fuchsia – coming soon to Raspberry Pi
  13. wasn’t addictive enough, see what this interactive video tech can do
  14. Google Duo is great, but video chat is still super awkward:
  15. The push to teach coding in school reflects our digital world
  16. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review: the best big phone
  17. Keeping control when you’re not in the office: Five tips for managing a dispersed team
  18. This woman led the most important climate agreement in history. Here’s how she did it:
  19. Finding compatible USB-C accessories is a crapshoot
  20. Cheaper, slimmer VR laptops? Nvidia brings desktop-class graphics to mobile
  21. Scholarship Opportunity: win big by designing a hab for the first crew to Mars
  22. Have a child that is starting school for the first time? Some important advice:
  23. “We don’t just want educators to be part of the necessary change – we need them to lead it. ”
  24. The learning benefits of sharing technology tools:
  25. Our overuse of the term ‘resilience’ in universities could be causing more problems than it solves

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