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ASSU Rejects Buhari’s Latest Appointment. Get This and More Here.

  1. FG budgets N3bn for research
  2. ASUU Rejects Buhari’s Latest Appointment
  3. VR gadget makers need to stop promising to add software later
  4. NASA’s $1 million robotics contest will prep Valkyrie for Mars
  5. What a scan of Sting’s brain teaches us about music
  6. Germans couldn’t be bothered with your fitness tracker:
  7. Ford plans to have self-driving cars on the road in five years’ time
  8. Battery that will power your phone for ‘twice as long’ available next year
  9. The one secret you need to know to convert your app idea into piles of cash
  10. High-flying students: You can now take a three-year course in operating drones
  11. Pinterest launches promoted clips to cash in on growing number of video posts
  12. Google turns to Reddit for accents to help improve voice recognition
  13. Project Alloy: Intel unveils new generation of wireless virtual reality goggles
  14. Uber takes TfL to high court over English written test
  15. No student should ever feel unwelcome at school.
  16. Discover BAU Online, #Nigeria’s first online university:
  17. 10 teacher-tested tips to build a resilient, high-performing school team:
  18. This week, #EPALE’s focus is non-formal & informal learning! Resources, articles & tips
  19. The countdown to A-level results has started – how are you feeling?
  20. These tools just might make you a better teacher:
  21. Half of graduates who paid £9,000 tuition fees live with parents
  22. 5 literacy practices that can be real time wasters:
  23. If you have photos of public schools damaged by natural calamities and human-induced disasters, tweet us!
  24. Complete your self-nomination to become a Skype Master Teacher
  25. How can parents help their students with the college search and application process? Answer:
  26. shares five years of advice on teaching students to write:

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