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Medical Ramification of Eating Red Meat.


Red Meat Seller
Red Meat Seller

Medically, as it regards eating of Red Meat, it is advised that one should make consideration of the nutritional values of his daily meals for a healthy living.

It has been long established that Red Meat is an important dietary source to protein and essential nutrients relevant for human health.

On the other hand, it is also seen as the most controversial foods in the history of nutrition due to its linkage to some chronic disease.
Taravoices reporter focused on the rate at which people eat Red Meat, its benefits and the risks involved.

From our dining tables at home to restaurants or fast food joints, wedding or burial among other ceremonies, meat is a leading ingredient in the preparation of our favourite delicacies.

A visit to the Jalingo Central Abattoir reveals that a good number of animals particularly Cows, Sheep and Goats are been slaughtered daily to meet up with the increasing meat demand by residents of the metropolis.

Though meats are of different types and variety, it is obvious that the larger quantity of meat that emanate from such animals are Red Meat.

A popular meat seller in Jalingo, Alhaji Muhammad popularly known as Mai Zafi and some of his colleagues in the business confirmed high level of Meat patronage from various segments of the public, stressing that hundreds of Youths are making a good life out of the business.

Red Meat Seller Doing his Job
Red Meat Seller Doing his Job

On his own part, another meat seller at Kasuwan Dare in Abuja Phase 1, known simply as Peter said, “for me, people eat Red Meat just for the pleasure of it. I don’t think there is any benefit or side effect attached to it”.

“However, the intestines are very nutritious and add blood to the body of both children and adults”, he concluded.

Despite the fact that humans have been eating it throughout evolution, some studies link its consumption with Cancer and some other deadly diseases.

The questions here are; how often do you eat Red Meat? Have you ever considered the negative health effects associated with its consumption?
Contrary to the negative perceptions, experts have made it clear that it is very nutritious especially if it comes from animals that have been naturally fed and raised, adding that it is a great source of protein, iron and zinc that are needed in keeping the Red Blood Cells and the Immune System healthy.

A medical practitioner, Dr. Kenneth Tijo is of the opinion that eating an adequate amount of  meat is not harmful but only when one eats more than what his system requires.

According to Dr. Tijo, the meat itself is not an issue rather the ingredients used in preparing the meat.
He urged the public to cut down the huge intake of Red Meat.

In accordance with the saying ‘Health is Wealth’, making healthier choices in selection of food is indeed a wise decision, the medical expert advised.

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