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Slingshot Technologies MD Says ‘Incentives’ Can Fix IT Gap in Nigeria. Get details and More Here.

  1. Slingshot Technologies MD says ‘Incentives’ can Fix IT Gap in Nigeria.
  2. Google Patent Suggests Using Quadcopters for Videoconferencing.
  3. Intelligent Alarm Systems Could Reduce Risks and Costs.
  4. Windows 10 just Got Better With its Latest Update.
  5. Is Apple Launching a Fitness Tracker Alongside Watch 2?
  6. Why Green Vehicles aren’t all that Popular.
  7. Tim Cook gives a lengthy interview to mark five years in charge of Apple.
  8. Here are 6 Essential Apps for All You College Students.
  9. How should educators talk about race in the classroom?
  10. Chinese universities break into top 100 global indexes for the first time.
  11. Learning must start early on, even before a child goes to school.
  12. If you are working while getting a degree online, you should be open with your employer.
  13. Why students should be presented with material three times before they have to apply it.
  14. Evaluate your internship to shape your second year of study.
  15. NIRA asks Nigerian Photojournalists to click ‘Internet Age Storytelling.’
  16. Telecoms Watchdog wants Nigerian Phone Users to know these Fundamental Rights.
  17. SAP Nigeria: For Nigeria to Grow, e-government is NonNegotiable.
  18. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: When a Windows 10 tablet tries to grow up.
  19. Final Fantasy XV release delayed by two months, Square Enix confirms.
  20. Five miraculous snacks that look exactly like Australia.
  21. Easy access to online porn is ‘damaging’ men’s health, says NHS doctor.
  22. Heroic man saves a woman and her dog seconds before her car sinks into the water.
  23. The Xbox One S review – smaller and more perfectly formed.
  24. Sorry Pokémon Go cheaters you’re going to be banned.
  25. Take a closer look at the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet – the keyboard even has a red TrackPoint.

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