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Google is Secretly Creating a New OS That is Not Based on Linux. Get Details and More Here.

  1. This is what grad schools think of your online bachelor’s degree.
  2. Google is secretly creating a new OS that’s not based on Linux.
  3. These 11 colleges have produced the most U.S. Olympians competing in #Rio2016.
  4. Classroom management fundamentals broken out by grade level.
  5. Parents can use interactive games to talk to their teens about sexual assault and drinking in college.
  6. Students with poor grades on their transcript should wait until regular admission to apply to college.
  7. How to become & remain a transformational teacher.
  8. How high schools can help homeless students get to college.
  9. Here’s where parents fit in during the college application and admissions process.
  10. 5 practices that can help teachers be more mindful.
  11. This is what goes on inside the body when we are chronically stressed.
  12. A new study suggests that free tuition might not be the answer to fixing higher education.
  13. Watching too much Netflix is just one of the mistakes every college freshman should avoid.
  14. Good news, internet addict: U.S. internet speeds just hit a milestone.
  15. Your hard drive’s sounds could help hackers crack your system.
  16. WikiLeaks is fanning a conspiracy theory that Hillary murdered a DNC staffer.
  17. The first private asteroid mapping mission has been planned for the end of the decade.
  18. The road to cybersecurity hell is paved with good intentions.
  19. This is what a 3D-printed acoustic violin sounds like.
  20. North Korea won’t let its Olympic athletes have their free Galaxy S7s.
  21. A Trump campaign staffer is suing over being threatened with a gun.
  22. Samsung’s batteries are damn good.
  23. These are the best laptops you can buy for under $200.
  24. This 400-year-old shark is the longest-living vertebrate ever.
  25. Fox News thinks female Olympic athletes should “look beautiful” on the podium.
  26. Here’s why your health insurance won’t protect you from medical bankruptcy.

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