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Nigeria Spends N750million Yearly on Dubai Tourism. Get This and News Here.


  1. Nigeria Spends N750million Yearly on Dubai Tourism
  2. The latest Monitoring African Tourism!
  3. Embracing Domestic Tourism in West Africa
  4. Shooting Movies At Tourist Sites Will Boost…
  5. JUST IN: Nigeria still the number one economy in Africa, says Dangote
  6. Our universities of Agriculture were set up to train young farmers but sadly have deviated from this mandate, we will redress this – Ogbeh
  7. University collects medical samples via drones in Madagascar Innovation Africa
  8. In Africa & Asia, 11% of GNP is lost every year due to poor nutrition. Report:
  9. Want to learn more about food & agriculture? UNFAO offers a range of e-courses
  10. Locally/regionally sourced produce travels 27 times less distance than
    conventional produce.
  11. Untouchable. Unbeatable.
    It’s now 22 gold medals for @MichaelPhelps
  12. The two best gymnasts in the world belong to the US
  13. How Simone Biles’ greatness and U.S. gymnastics dominance came together
  14. Olympics 2016: First doping case! Chinese swimmer Chen Xinyi tests positive
  15. To keep soil health, scientists say increase the diversity of plant species:
  16. Did BBC radio presenter go too far with’racist’ joke about Olympic athletes?
  17. How to ensure #Africa’s #irrigation boom benefits everyone – men and women.
  18. Senegal takes steps to contribute to greater sustainable fishing in West Africa
  19. Has global warming killed off the fish in Africa’s deepest lake?
  20. Soil degradation directly impacts Africa’s food security:
  21. 90% Africa’s rural land is undocumented. Why indigenous land rights are impt

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