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Is Monogamy A Thing Of The Past: 5 Reasons…Get This And More Here

  1. Is Monogamy a Thing of the Past: 5 Reasons…
  2. Stressful week? Maybe it’s time to think about the 10 best career changes for men
  3. 7 things you need to know before you get a tattoo
  4. 7 constipation remedies worth trying when you just can’t poop
  5. Men and women confess the grossest things they’ve done for love
  6. Two new drugs show promise for patients with aggressive
  7. Motorized prosthetics improves lives of amputees
  8. Vagina do’s and don’ts: A guide to keeping her happy
  9. The healthiest habits you should get into this morning
  10. The Politics of Anger
  11. Do You Know The Signs of Thyroid Disorder?
  12. Why women love bad boys—and how to be one
  13. Patients’ tips for what to expect while you await a heart transplant
  14. Virtual reality brain training helps 8 paralyzed patients regain movement
  15. Lose weight by drinking water
  16. DEA’s missed opportunity on medical marijuana
  17. The oldest and youngest Olympic athletes
  18. Oat my goodness! These awesome items can give you better eyesight, stronger bones, AND a slimmer physique
  19. You don’t need that much water—and 4 other healthy habits you might want to reconsider
  20. Men may be able to spread Zika through sex for 6 months, much longer than previously thought,
  21. 2 years after Ebola, Liberia is stronger and more unified
  22. Study: Opioid epidemic increasingly reaching newborn babies
  23. Remember the Do’s and Don’ts for keeping backyard poultry.
  24. Study links child obesity at age 9-11 years to gestational diabetes in mother
  25. Canada to allow medical patients to grow own cannabis
  26. The accuracy of drugstore blood pressure monitors is questionable at best
  27. 11 ways to improve your life while you sleep
  28. Trying to boost your libido? Here’s what to eat for the best (and worst!) sex life
  29. Feeling stressed? Here’s the best–and worst–ways to deal with it:
  30. Does marriage affect drinking? A new study provides insights

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